Further into Tr. Neptune conjunct Na. Sun (Western Astrology) Part 2

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Here we are again, this time adding to the previous post (scroll up or click here: https://astrodharma.me/2021/07/31/going-in-depth-with-astrological-transits-neptune-conjunct-sun/) Go back and read that if you have not done so yet.

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Now we will go deeper into this one aspect. That would be Transiting (Tr.) Neptune conjunct the Natal (Na.) Birth Chart Sun. I love this about astrology. You can go further down the rabbit hole, multiple layers – there are psychological facets, health facets, karmic facets, emotional (psycho-spiritual) facets, social / relational facets, etc!

To recap the first post: basically Neptune will bring with it creativity, colorful imaginative elements, along with a tendency to check out – anywhere from random day-dreaming all the way to full blown escapism through serious substance abuse or binging on TV shows, movies or even sex addiction. If we have a tendency to avoid or resist facing reality, this transit (aspect) will amplify that! It could be that certain emotions were too strong, too much, too big – too overwhelming and we learned that checking out was a safe compensation pattern. In addition, if the client has a proclivity toward spiritual practice (which could look like many things), then they will probably be more visionary, more creative, more mystical and certainly more intuitive under this transit.

When this transit gets going, on one level, there can easily be an ego wipeout. Whenever Neptune (tr) makes a hard aspect to an angle, the Sun or Moon, there will be some confusion / fog / delusion somewhere in our psyche. Look to the house that the Sun rules to see what will feel veiled or blurry. The house that the Sun tenants may also feel unclear. Neptune, the ruler of the seas, will inundate a part of us with fluidity – we might feel flooded, we might feel like we literally can’t clear the mental fog (different than brain fog) for days or weeks. And our confidence and sense of direction can feel wiped out.

This aspect lasts for close to 2 – 3 years (there will be about a six – twelve month strengthening as Neptune approaches the Sun, then there will be a retrograde period in there, the aspect is very close to exact for about nine – twelve months, and then there will be about a nine month fading as Neptune eventually moves past the Sun). The more sensitive we are to Neptune in our Natal chart, the more we will feel this aspect “further out.” Look to Neptune’s placement and aspects in the Natal chart to see how implicated it is in the client’s basic personality.

There is a chance there will be some form of disillusionment under this aspect. But this really depends on where the client is in their growth / maturation process. If they are younger (in their teens or 20’s) and they have Neptune square Venus or the Sun or the Moon in their Natal chart, then they might have rose-colored glasses on for a full decade or more. You could decide whether or not it is worth bursting their bubble. Or can you skillfully get them to see how they could be more realistic, more discerning, etc. If they have Neptune in Natal hard aspects to their personal planets, then they will probably tend toward idealism. Skillfully point this out to them and it will help – better to land softer on solid ground than to have life whack us a good one.

Personally, in my chart, as a Leo Rising, this aspect plays a bigger role. (The first house, a.k.a. the Ascendant, is an angular house and it heavily influences our personality / identity). Plus the Ascendant plays a role in relationships – and sure enough, I am not entirely clear about a significant relationship in my life (more on this below). It is almost as if Neptune is crossing my Sun and Ascendant here (double whammy). However, due to my having done at least 16 years of personal growth work, including A LOT of embodiment type process work, I am not feeling the wipeout or the confusion as much. But I was feeling a significant need to get free of a romantic relationship, to have more space, more freedom, more time for spiritual practice. And Neptune conjunct my Sun made it so I was feeling these needs pretty clearly, but having a difficult time being clear about expressing them. So it took two or three months for my ex-partner and I to see that separation might be for the best.

It was a very healthy relationship in a lot of ways. So that is what is hardest of all. A part of me is still holding onto the best of the relationship. It was the healthiest relationship I have been in up to this point. So there will need to be a few months of grieving, processing and letting go. Being with the nitty gritty emotions, which is hard for a Neptunian. Speaking of which…

If there is a Piscean, Neptunian or 12th house focus in your client’s chart, it is quite possible that they have significant unresolved (repressed, suppressed, or ancestral) big grief in their history. One of the reasons we check out or dissociate early on is because it does not feel safe to be with the grief (for whatever reason). Maybe my ancestors never allowed themselves to slow down and grieve the loss of a family member, or the loss of a baby – remember, life was a lot harder 100 years ago and more. There was a strong “get over it” mentality. Most mothers back then did not have the leisure to slow down for the 6 – 12 months it might take to fully grieve the loss of a stillborn baby (or even a miscarriage). Unfortunately this continues to this day… if a family desperately wants a child, they don’t realize how painful it is to process a miscarriage. And they too will just “buck up” or “grin and bear it.” Sad stuff ;-(

Far better to be with what is. By the way, this is a good remedy for this aspect. Taking time to be with what is. Cognitively being with it. Being with our emotions, our heart. Being seen, being witnessed grieving or processing the emotions can be important too.

And when Neptune is conjunct the Sun, the client might need to grieve. Can you point them in the direction of a good therapist, or Somatic Experiencing practitioner, or mentor or support group? Maybe there are some good men’s groups in your area? Women’s groups? Maybe you want to start a support group for a specific type of loss?

But keep in mind, that in order to grieve, we have to be willing to slow down and allow ourselves to be more vulnerable. For many people, this feels very unsafe. Recall that we are probably coming from a “rat-race culture.” At least if you live here in the United States. So slowing down is equated with laziness, with wasting time. And yet it is so vital. We have to take a bigger picture view and see the double binds around “I am my functional worth” – in other words, the money I bring to my organization is my value. Nope – sorry buddy, sorry honey, this ain’t true. We need to sit with “I love you for who you are, not for what you do.” We have innate value and self-worth as a natural right. We have a right to feel our feelings, we have a right be safe, we have a right to say “No.” And this realization takes time.

Maybe spending more time outdoors will help us to slow down. Lay down next to a mountain creek if you have that option. Or spend time at a beach or a large lake or near a river. Drink in the natural rhythms! Maybe getting into a restorative yoga (yin yoga) class would help us slow down. Or doing Tai Chi or Qigong. Or join a meditation group.

How can I remember what is sacred? How can I nurture the sacred temple of my heart? How can I bring more aliveness to my body, my breath, my awareness?

Remember we want more ground, less effort. More being, less doing. Then we can start to gain the insights Neptune is ready to offer us, especially under this potent aspect!

Thanks for reading!

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Kirby Moore

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