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I wrote this newsletter hoping to send it out sooner on MailChimp. There are several more steps to take verifying people’s email addresses and that they actually want to receive my newsletters… so I am putting this out here on my blog for now. It is likely I will have it out within a week or two. Thank you for visiting!

Hello friends,

Here is my Spiritual Astrology newsletter for Summer of 2019! For some of you, we have worked together recently. And for others, it has been a while. See below for specials I am offering in the month of August! If you want to unsubscribe, scroll to the bottom.

Where have we been recently?

First of all, I have been learning Somatic Experiencing over the past year, which is an amazing modality for working with overwhelm in the nervous system – a.k.a. trauma resolution. So I need to ask the question, “Think about what is going well in your life. Can you sit with that for a moment now?” Allow those resources and thoughts of success percolate through your system for a bit….. take your time with this. And then we can begin.

Anyone else having a challenging month of July? How many times have I heard how bizarre or taxing these past few weeks have been – “when is Mercury out of retrograde?” is the familiar refrain. Let me know if you want to schedule an hour for astrological counseling to clarify what is going on in your chart. If you have worked with me before, this service is $95.

Well it has been more than Mercury… Mars entered the sign of Cancer back in late May and stayed through early July, setting the stage for all the personal planets to move through – Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus as well. For a few weeks there, things were extra emotional and passionate – think nurturing being over-done!

Also, for those of us with a Leo Rising, having Mars, the Sun and Mercury Rx in our mysterious, nebulous, I-don’t-know-what-is-around-the-corner 12thhouse… let’s just say there may have been some gnashing of the teeth as we yearned for clarity, yet only found fogginess for a couple weeks there!

And back on emotional topics, transiting Jupiter has been squaring Neptune in the astrological sky for several months now. On its own, this is rather subtle – increasing sensitivity, idealization, artistry, poetic traits, etc. However, for those of us with planet(s) in mid to late mutable signs – Pisces, Sagittarius, Gemini or Virgo, this aspect may hint at wanting to escape, deny, suppress or blame our stuff on others – or if we go to further extremes, this combo might lead to excess risk taking or errors in judgment.

As I write this, we have six planets (including Chiron) that are retrograde (Rx). Better to plan, re-evaluate, organize for the future when this is in effect. Definitely make sure to read the small print and re-read contracts / court documents during this time! Begins to clear in August, see below.

The good news is that things are beginning to clear up for the fall! Remember how I suggested we think about what is going well in our lives? Well what is going good? We can think about that some more if that was helpful!

What is upcoming?

As I mentioned above, Mercury is coming out of Rx officially on August 1stand it will be moving forward at its typical fast clip by August 15th. All the outer planets will still be retrograde through Sept / October, so it will still be good to read the fine print!

However, with the Sun, Mars, Venus and Mercury entering Leo, it will be a time of more creativity, taking charge, increased vitality, spontaneity and enjoyment. And by the end of September, the Jupiter / Neptune square will be lifting.

Then, a few months down the road, Saturn comes out of Rx in September as it begins its journey toward conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn (beginning in December of 2019) and the two of them will be joined by Jupiter by February / March of 2020. For some people, there will be fireworks or karmic purification to be sure. I will say more about that in future newsletters! 

Let’s just say though that people with Capricorn Suns / Moon / Rising signs may want to pay attention, and also those with earlier Sagittarius Rising. It is a ways off though, so we can enjoy ourselves and this amazing summery weather in the meantime!

What is new in my Astrological practice?

As I mentioned, I have been learning Somatic Experiencing (SE for short), which stacks well with the Vagus (nerve) Work I have been practicing for a number of years. And I am finding SE works well with astrological counseling as well. I have even picked up a few long-distance clients with whom I am doing an interesting blend of Spiritual Astrology and SE work. Let me know if you want to get on my schedule to have your chart done in a trauma-informed manner! Or purchase a package of sessions and save!

I am still looking for people with whom I can do astrological research. In particular, I am looking for participants who know a good amount about their birth and early years. It is interesting looking at the horoscope through a Pre- and Perinatal (PPN) Psychology lens! So I am offering a special – pay $90 to have your chart done for research purposes (75 minutes). Half the session will be focused on developmental topics and half the session can be about what you want to focus on! It is my intention down the road to teach a PPN Astrology series, and this research will help to get that ball rolling.

I am thinking about teaching an on-line (and if you are in Charlottesville, an in-person) class about Working with Trauma in the Birth Chart. This would probably begin in early October. Let me know if you are interested in this class – it will be about what to keep in mind when working with trauma and some tools to slow things down and come into the body, along with what aspects in the chart are often overwhelming or chaotic enough to lead to a trauma response. And how do we approach this skillfully, clearly and with compassion!

August Special: purchase a gift certificate for a comprehensive Birth Chart Interpretation for only $140. My rates are normally $175 for first time clients for this service. Let me know if you want to take advantage of this savings!

In conclusion, it has been an interesting summer astrologically. Things are a bit clearer in the fall (of course Transit and Progressed charts are going to be more individualized) – hooray! And we have an interesting configuration coming up in December through summer of 2020. Stay tuned for more!

Thank you for reading and let me know if you have any questions or comments!

Look forward to hearing from you!

Kirby Moore


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This material is copyrighted by M Kirby Moore. Please respect my creative property. Thank you for visiting!

Who has heard that we currently have 6 planets retrograde (Rx)? Who knew that twice in the past six weeks we had partial eclipses?! Anyone aware that we have Neptune and Pluto back in sextile aspect, meaning the opportunity for Yods (double inconjunct or Quincunx aspects) is now back?

Well I’m an astrologer – part time anyway – so it is my job to keep tabs on some of this stuff. 🙂

Actually at this precise moment, we have Mercury stationing direct on Sunday, Mars stationing direct at the end of August and then in early Sept Saturn slowly turns direct as well. Plus Jupiter just came out of Rx a few weeks ago – so it is slowly gaining steam. What does all this mean?

It means that you might be stuck behind several people at stop lights who just sit there when the light turns green – Mercury ruling traffic is basically standing still in the sky for the next 4 – 5 days – plus Mars rules steel and machinery (cars and trucks for that matter).  I have had to honk at three people who did this in the last couple of days! (I live in a relatively educated and more enlightened in some ways city, so it is a little amiable tap of the horn; one thing I love about Charlottesville is that you don’t hear many horns blaring.) So when I say this tumultuous astrological season is wrapping up with a… I am looking for the “Blleeuurrr” sound which means it is tapering out, fizzing out, burning out, amounting to not much! With all these planets slowing down to turn direct (come out of Rx), things in our lives might be at a stand still for a few days or even a couple weeks (if not longer).

This summer has also seen (on August 3rd) a tight configuration involving Mars square Uranus by transit with the Moon also hopping on board (conjunct Uranus). Did anyone have or witness some bizarre irrationality that day? I sure did! Mars / Uranus is explosive enough but then throw the Moon in the mix and tempers might flare over petty little things. That was happening in the early Fixed signs – Taurus and Aquarius to be exact.

And the second eclipse happened early on August 11th – with a Yod to the Sun involved as well! Specifically, the Sun was in Leo along with Rx Mercury, and there was a (3 degree orb) Yod pointing at the Sun from Neptune and Pluto! Thankfully there didn’t seem to be too much chaos / bad news as a result (confusion from Rx Mercury, mixed with potent Sun / Pluto discord).

I am really looking forward to clearer skies! By late September we will be down to 3 planets Rx plus Chiron (and Pluto is direct October 1st). But then Venus does go Rx in October – be aware in new relationships (get second opinions about new people met under that influence) and try to be more flexible and patience in existing relationships as well. ❤

By late November things will really quiet down as far as Rx planets go. In fact, January and February will be surprisingly quiet (nothing much Rx!). Wow! Of course transits continue, progressions evolve, habits arise, life continues, cycles go through, waves arise. We can surf! Breathe and surf.

Thank you for reading!

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This coming Friday Feb 22nd, the Sun will be conjunct transiting Neptune. By itself, this can be very minor. However, this is occurring at 3 degrees of Pisces, so if you have planets at the early degrees of Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces), then this could be a day dreamy couple of days.
Then Mercury is officially retrograde on Saturday, the following day. But, Mercury has already started slowing down in the sky as it preps to station Rx. Therefore, we can all expect a bit of added distractions and delays prior to and around this weekend. This is especially true for people born in 1978, ’79 and ’80. This is because those of us born at that time have Natal Neptune at 18-21 degrees of Sagittarius, meaning Mercury will turn Rx at the square point to Natal Neptune. So time for double checking appointment times, directions and recipes is upon us.

What do I recommend as an antidote? Hang out with really practical people. Call up a life coach who you really resonate with. Do some mindfulness meditation. Rest down extra – take a day off of work or sleep in on the weekend. Leave early as we can expect delays. Drive carefully knowing others may be making poor decisions or being easily distracted. Smile. Laugh!

Know that this too shall pass, so enjoy the moment.

Thanks for reading.

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Hello readers!  Hopefully some of you will read this…  har har har.  I am looking to see who you readers are and what you are interested in hearing about.  So please let me know a little about yourselves if you’d like – where are you writing from?  Do you practice meditation or bodywork or astrology or other forms of alternative health modalities, etc?  And also let me know if you are understanding most posts – sometimes the language can be technical.  Then comes the fun part – you get to choose what I write about next!  (this is a picture of me from 2008 with a picture of a “Creative Mind” hat on  🙂

Okay, please let me know which of these topics you are most interested in hearing about.  Generally I spend several days working on a post – several drafts plus whatever research might be necessary.  Now that I am working full time, it might take a little while to get your requests out, but I will do my best!  In my drafts directory, I have started the following stories (as in they are in various stages of completion or arising):

Flu season – tips to avoid the plague

Change what goes into your body

I am not sick, I am angry! (this will take a while to finish, I’m planning to incorporate some medical astrology info and more)

Bodywork as meditation in action

Practicing Dharma in the midst of busy lives

Post on Mercury Retrograde (in depth details)

Post on Venus Retrograde (more in depth)

Thanks!  I look forward to hearing from you.  Many blessings.

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As some of you may know, I previously wrote a post on Mercury Retrograde, which I am continuing to leave posted on here (check the spiritual astrology category if you want to see it).  However, that was over a year ago, and at that point I had not heard that there was an entire book specifically on retrograde planets.  And of course, I have more personal experience under my belt.  In that article, I tried to lump many aspects of Mercury Retrograde together which don’t always fit together (I did not know any better).  Hopefully this series of articles will be of benefit or at least clarify what Mercury Retrograde can mean – if nothing else, maybe you can get a good chuckle out it!

For those of us who have studied more than one book or taken a class in / about Western Astrology, we know it is a very complex subject.  There are a few lucky people on the planet to whom it comes very easily, however for the most part, it requires some study, some application, and then further review of the theories formed – and then re-evaluation and further application.  And to top it off, there is no ONE WAY to practice astrology – there may be as many methods as there are legitimate astrologers.  And we each have our unique karma, our unique filters and conditioning, so of course we will experience it differently than the next person.  And it is within this vast variety of Beingness that Mercury Retrograde cycles arise and dissolve, three times per year.

As I mentioned, there is an entire book on retrograde planets, and if you have any interest in mythology or astrology or timing cycles in general, then I highly recommend it.  It is “Retrograde Planets” by Erin Sullivan.  Most of the information in this post is from her ideas – which of course will be run through my personal filters, and then regurgitated for your reading pleasure.  How do you like that?  🙂  I hope this counts as my citing (primarily paraphrasing) her work.  So yes, this is basically a brief book review with a touch of my own knowledge and experience thrown in.  Oh and in her book there are some exquisite sections on how former pagan religions worshiped Venus and how that plays into the present day myth and cycles.  There are some fascinating tidbits about the Mayan cycles of time too – which oddly enough mirrored extremely accurate cycles of Venus.

Mercury Rx:

First of all, Mercury (Mercurius), or Hermes, is a very complex mythological Messenger of the Gods.  To the Egyptians, Hermes was associated with Thoth, who had strong fertility roots.  Thoth also figured into the alchemical process, which may be apart of how Mercury is associated with Magical Transformations today (at least to some).  According to some early Greek literature (Homer), Hermes was witty, sly, musically gifted, charming and mischievous – he stole Apollo’s cattle and somehow traded a lyre for them later on, all while his older brother, the great Sun god was happily deceived.  Oh – and this was all to the amusement of Zeus who applauded Hermes’ gumption.  Hermes brings up his very young age when questioned about the cattle, which is another aspect – Mercury (and especially Virgo and Gemini’s) youthful appearance, its pre-adolescent naivety and playfulness.  Hermes the joker is a healing aspect, bringing humor and a change of pace to otherwise somber or dreadful situations.

There are some serious aspects to Mercury, although I’d say his trickster, youthful and mentally dexterous sides certainly are more to the fore, as in the Iliad, he is in charge of bringing the mourning Priam to Achilles – the slayer of the King’s son, Hector.  Mercury guides the king through the enemy camp, protecting him and making his passage unknown.  Due to Mercury’s association with the body / mind connection, which includes communication, assimilation and translation, his role in the birth chart (and reflected in the personality) is most crucial.  Sullivan goes on to claim that Mercury, I’m assuming due to its multiple retrograde cycles, is the “guide through the retrograde process [of all the planets]” and therefore is especially pertinent to those who have numerous retrograde planets in their birth chart. Finally, one of Mercury’s (Hermes’) vital roles is as the patron of journeys – which is essentially different than travels.  A journey is an adventure, and there is always a sense of unknown along the way, whereas traveling is from point A to point B.  To journey is to step into not knowing.  And Mercury will guide us along the way (hopefully).

Sullivan mentions a most intriguing point when she associates Mercury with creativity.  I completely agree with her reasoning, but it requires a few connections to get there: Hermes is the only god who is able to travel to Hades (the underworld) at will, and to come back (at will).  This may parallel Mercury’s descent into darkness when it is in the midst of its frequent retrograde cycle – the New Phase of Mercury, when it comes across the face of the Sun and we lose it for a couple weeks.  But then, like mythological Hermes, it returns to sight, becoming Phosphorus, the Morning Star.  This semi-annual journey into the darkness of the underworld could also parallel a descent into the unconscious, which is where some scholars believe our intuitive insights arise.  And therefore, Hermes is associated with the creative process.  Sullivan likens the shift from the rational / linear left hemisphere to the spontaneously intuitive right as an alchemical transformation, again, associated with Hermes.

Hermes is a pure mediator, a guide for lost souls and a neutral party in many myths.  I think this function is most clarifying, as Mercurial types can be very objective and empirical – sometimes erring on the side of dry, logical, non-emotionality.  Mercury is only the messenger of the gods, nothing more (besides trickster extraordinaire), it is often the role of the message receiver to become reactive or emotional.  Zeus can be having a bad day, but Mercury just maintains his pre-adolescent (naive) happiness as he goes about his job.  And it is Mercury’s job to guide us through the retrograde cycles, as we dip into our unconscious, perhaps taking a few weeks to chew on what we find, and then one day our way forward is clear as daylight – the alchemical transformation is complete once again.  I appreciate Sullivan’s words as the retrograde process is “two steps forward and one back.”

It is obvious that Mercury is quite a complex character and I applaud Sullivan as she navigates her readers through mythological Hermes and the technical aspects of Mercury in the birth chart (which will come in the my next post).  Thanks for reading!  Oh and by the way, the picture above is of Manjushri, the Buddha of Gnosis (Wisdom).  I worry that my practice of Tibetan Buddhism is seeping through to this otherwise non-secular article but obviously not enough to remove the Buddhist “God” of Wisdom.  Have a good day  🙂

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This material is copyrighted by M. Kirby Moore.  Reproduction without permission is prohibited.

Mercury is retrograde, now through the end of the month.  Here are a lot of words about this curious little trickster:

Hinode captures Mercury transit (

Hinode captures Mercury transit (

Astrology has been creeping back into the mainstream media for decades.  For instance, people joke around about their horoscopes, or they wonder about the affects of the full Moon – whether tides, human behavior, criminal activity or hormonal cycles; if these influences are true, then astrology is apart of our daily lives, whether we know it or not.  We are influenced by sun spots and eclipses as well as the gravitational and possibly electro-magnetic fields of the planets.  (Not to mention the lineages of mytho-poetic knowledge, passed down from generation to generation regarding the planet’s stories, and their affects upon humankind.)  This includes Mercury, the fastest moving planet, which is zipping around the Sun at about thirty miles per second.  Due to Mercury’s rapid orbit, it tends to go retrograde several times a year.  Here are some thoughts on  this potentially challenging trickster going “backwards in the sky,” according to our perspective.

The planet Mercury is associated with many aspects of life, and as technology continues its hyper-driven march into the 21st century, more and more gadgets will be falling under Mercury’s influence.  Electronics, especially having to do with communication (email, phones, computers, servers, PDAs, etc); local travel (cars, buses, traffic, reservations, etc); personal communication – discussions, authentic listening and even letters and packages; siblings and relatives – brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and cousins; education especially K – 12th grade although higher institutions are not immune to Mercury Rx; and the central and peripheral nervous systems in the body – everything just mentioned falls under Mercury’s persuasion.  The only exception to this rule is that Uranus ( sometimes considered a “higher octave” of Mercury) shares some rulership with a few of these items.  However, at the moment, the planet Uranus is also Retrograde, indicating additional delays and challenges.

Inner Solar System (

Inner Solar System (

People in the know might cringe if you tell them Mercury is about to go Retrograde.  Or, they say, “Ohhhh…  Mercury is Rx, that is why traffic was so bad…”  Personally I do not believe this has to be the case.  Considering I practice choice-centered, frequency-based astrology, nothing is written in stone.  However, I would estimate that the majority of people in the U.S. are not aware of every Mercury Retrograde cycle, so whenever we do something that involves others, then we are easily subjected to their delays and potential absentmindedness, especially when we are all under Mercury Retrograde’s influence.  Here is an example – we might normally mail a bill so that it arrives the day before it is due.  However, if Mercury is retrograde, especially during several other heavy transiting aspects, then we should consider popping that bill (or letter or application) in the mail early.

Venus Phases (

Venus Phases (

Due to the omnipresent fickle nature of human communication, conversations might be a little more challenging when Mercury goes Rx – to truly listen to what the other person is saying, without judgment and to respond in a rational, clear and kind manner is already a task that requires mindfulness.  What I mean is that we project so much onto certain individual’s words and body language, that if they are having a rough day (say they were stuck in traffic that does not normally exist), we can easily misinterpret what they are trying to get across.  So take an extra deep breath while you are conversing, make sure you ask about anything unclear and try to follow the Dalai Lama’s suggestion about thinking before we speak so that our words are clear, kind and honest.  In fact, I would recommend taking a deep breath whenever you think of it – couldn’t hurt, right?

In addition to what I just mentioned, here is what I recommend: schedule extra time for yourself when Mercury is Rx – leave a little early to drive to work, spend more time relaxing and resting down – pencil in meditation time if you have to, do whatever it is that you know helps you to calm your mind and ground your thinking process.  We might be an additional 5 – 10 percent distracted – which is why there tends to be slightly more fender benders during these periods – so take extra time to ensure mental clarity, then we will not lock our keys in the car or forget the cake for our grandmother’s 90th birthday party (on taking a break from writing this draft, I passed a guy in the parking lot trying to unlock his truck with a coat-hanger…).

Pluto (

Pluto (

About one in seven individuals, including yours truly, are born with Mercury Retrograde in their birth charts.  Supposedly, these people have an easier time coping with the semi-annual retrograde periods.  From my own experience, when this little orb stations and then turns back in its course, I am generally tempted – distractions become stronger and a tendency to procrastinate gets strengthened.  Now there could be several factors leading to this conclusion (for me personally) – but I believe one main “cause” of this is my Progressed Mercury is in my 8th house, which can be a challenging time of introspection on its own, and it is in Pisces – which is nice when Mercury is in this nebulous, mystical, fantasy-loving sign by itself.  However, my chart already has a plethora of Piscean energy swimming about – leading to a tendency to give in to my mind’s yearning.

To me, the most important aspect of Mercury retrograde comes down to the choices we make – do I take a walk or watch that ball game?  I feel the need to meditate, but… I have not seen this movie before…  Or, I reaaaallly need to study, but I can look around the internet for a few more soccer videos.  I think you get the point.  Choices – do we take the path of self care and gentle-loving-kindness, which might mean we sacrifice something we were really yearning for (comfort foods, that second glass of wine, watching extra TV, being alone when we could be stretching ourselves in good company, etc).  The take home message here is to get good rest, drink plenty of pure water and practice quality self-care.  Literally – take a hike, go swimming, meditate, go to that yoga class you have been putting off, etc.  Get your busy mind under control.  And I will end with this final paragraph about the outer planets and retrogradation, if you are interested:

The outer planets (Jupiter through Pluto) are basically retrograde (Rx) a solid three to four months per year, with Jupiter having the shorter time and Pluto being Rx the longest.  Mars is Rx about once every two years for about two months plus.  Venus is Rx the least due to its orbit being closest in time to ours (225 days), but it still goes Rx for about six weeks, five times every eight years.  Because Mercury races around the Sun (88 day orbit), it goes Rx three times a year, for about 21 days at a time.  Therefore, if you count them up, there are eight possible planets which are able to be retrograde, however, all of these planets are Rx for a minority of time, anywhere from 7 % for Venus and 44 % of the time for Pluto.  According to many authors, people with many planets retrograde in their horoscopes tend to be late bloomers.  With my own chart having five Rx planets, I certainly fit this mold.  In my limited experience, that is having done more than a few charts professionally, the most Rx planets I have seen in a horoscope is six (not counting Chiron).  And on the opposite extreme, some people are born without any planets being Rx (quite rare).

Thanks for reading!  Please see the Astrology page if you are interested in what I offer.

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