Retreat Theme: the Eagle and the Condor

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2012 Winter Retreat at the Sanctuary

Several people have expressed interest in the upcoming retreat in Cville, so here is more of a specific schedule: From Dec 22nd thru Dec 31st, this is the daily schedule: 6-7 am resting in alignment, mantra, silent sitting 7-8 verses for mind traing, vispashyana, Fun yoga for wellbeing (Zapchen) 8-10 breakfast, tea, yoga, walk, restContinue reading “2012 Winter Retreat at the Sanctuary”

Soft retreat, Oregon 2012

This post is about what I have been up to for the past week. I scheduled my trip to have a week of down time in quiet Pendleton Oregon. I did this for two reasons – one, to save money by avoiding a hostel or hotel somewhere else; and two, because I knew I wouldContinue reading “Soft retreat, Oregon 2012”

Three Indigo Circus (Winter Retreat 2010)

To continue the thread from the previous posts, this is a fictional rendition of the Winter Retreat 2010 at the Tibetan Meditation Center. Saturday late night and early Sunday Morning – 1/1/11 As we left off, Mical stopped chanting at 11 pm, unable to go to sleep. And this fact had not changed. But letContinue reading “Three Indigo Circus (Winter Retreat 2010)”

Spring Retreat 2010 – Expand, contract, observe pulsations

6/1/10 – Judging from my journal, it seems that this was the day that the retreat actually started.  You could call it the “holistic shift” (which is a point in a bodywork session where the client releases most of their conditionally held compensations and at which point the session seems to start) of the retreat. Continue reading “Spring Retreat 2010 – Expand, contract, observe pulsations”