Jupiter in Cancer, 12th House

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Let’s unpack Jupiter in Cancer in the 12th:

What is Jupiter about?

Jupiter is the jovial, optimistic, speculating, the-grass-is-always-greener-on-the-other-side-of-the-fence, wanderlust-filled, adventuring, mental pioneering, broadener of horizons.  Typically, Jupiter is seen as one of the sources of enthusiasm in the astrology chart.  Does your Jupiter trine your Sun Moon or Mercury?  If so, you may be prone to bouts of enthusiastic delight.  🙂  Also, Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and it is the only planet which actually gives off energy by itself (without the Sun being involved).  It’s size indicates how it tends to expand our thoughts about what is possible.  Jupiter can push the envelope as it were and this can definitely show up with a potential to gamble when we have a strong Jupiter (or in fire signs).  Although in this case – a watery sign like Cancer and a diffuse house like the 12th, gambling may not be indicated or recommended (look at the 5th house for more clarity around speculation).

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Jupiter in Cancer?

Jupiter is exalted in the sign of Cancer.  What does exalted mean?  This is the second most potent placing for the planet to be.  Jupiter rules Sagittarius.  Meaning it is very strong in that pioneering, studious (sometimes know-it-all sign), adventuresome fire sign, but it is also strong in the sign of Cancer.  Why?  Because Cancer is all about nurturing and taking care of our loved ones – be they family members or close friends and associates.  When Jupiter’s natural expansion encounters Cancer’s natural love of nurturing, it is a good combination, let me tell you.  In Buddhism, the word for the “highest” altruistic motivation is called Bodhicitta, which means the mind which wishes for all sentient beings (seen and unseen, known and unknown) to attain happiness and complete enlightenment.  It is a very powerful motivation.  However, most of us (myself included) have a difficult time maintaining strong Bodhicitta because we feel slighted by anger or jealousy or not getting our way (etc…).

Well Jupiter in Cancer has a natural leaning toward an altruistic motivation.  You will not find many people with Jupiter in Cancer with a powerful cutthroat mentality unless it shows up in multiple other areas of the chart.  Jupiter in Cancer types will be natural cooks, care takers, nurses, teachers, healers, and / or realtors (Cancer has a Lunar connection to the 4th house of land and real estate as well).

Jupiter in the 12th house?

Jupiter in the 12th house is said to be the Guardian Angel of the astrology chart.  Why is this?  Because the 12th house is the most mysterious of the Houses.  It is where we subconsciously work against ourselves.  It can also indicate a natural proclivity toward spiritual practices and awareness.  It can even indicate psychic abilities (whether the individual wants them or not).  Keep in mind that the 12th house is strongly associated with Neptune (and Pisces).  Previously, before Neptune took over Pisces’ rulership, Jupiter ruled the sign of the bonded dual Fishes.  So Jupiter in the 12th house is not much of a detriment when looking at planetary strengths.  Normally all planets (save Saturn) lose strength when they are tenanting the 12th house.  Jupiter still loses overall strength by being in the 12th, however it might confer extra intuitive abilities and not to mention unexpected luck and spiritual protection.

Jupiter in the 12th is watered down though.  You will not often find crazy dare devils who are risking their lives deep into their 40’s and 50’s with this placement.  Depending on what the 5th house and its ruler look like, you might take a few risks, but this individual will probably realize the fragility of the human condition sooner rather than later.  And yes, I speak from personal experience…  Therefore a watery Jupiter in a watery house is not going to be the wildly adventurous or overly jovial type (unless other strong indications exist in the chart).

So…  My Jupiter in the 12th, in the 29th degree of Cancer indicates that I have the potential for spiritual awareness, a natural proclivity toward giving and altruism, a desire to nurture those who I care about and I might even have innate healing abilities.  Hhhmmm.  Well this all sounds great so far right?!  And it is.  I am quite blessed.

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So why am I hesitating?  Because Jupiter in the 12th house indicates a strong leaning toward a nebulous Neptunian nature.  And then if this individual (me) is a Pisces, which I am, with Neptune squaring his natal Sun, which I have, then there is often times too much Neptune going around.  And what does this mean?

Neptune seeks to transcend this dense world of relative reality we live in – in other words, Neptune seeks to transcend planet Earth and all the physical phenomena that come with living on this great planet.  Neptune is the escapist, the addict, the artist, the seeker, the poet, the romantic and the mystic.  But it is never the pragmatic realist. Sorry folks.  So that is why it has taken me at least 35 years to begin to realize what I am doing on this planet.  And this waiting is often times hell.  I would rather push push push and accomplish something (this pushing is probably Saturn talking by the way, or an unconscious double bind speaking), even if it feels empty down the road than sit around and wait for my energy to rise.  (Because Neptune can also indicate a watered down immune system where your energy will literally wax and wane.)

With all that said, Jupiter in the 12th house in Cancer is an incredible blessing.  I am in contact with my spirit guides.  I do not “hear” them directly yet, but I have spent a lot of time working on embodying and becoming more grounded.  So I feel it in my body if a decision is way off the mark.  I will get a quick head-ache if I make a severe detour from my path.  And my body suffers if I waste too much time with less-than-wholesome pursuits.

I hope this speaks about Jupiter in Cancer and / or Jupiter in the 12th house a little.  Let me know if you have comments on this subject.

Thanks for reading!


Published by Kirby Moore

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38 thoughts on “Jupiter in Cancer, 12th House

  1. When is your bday?!? I have the same placement. Aug 16 1990 5:44am tampa Florida. My jupiter in cancer is 29 degrees too. Is your venus near it?

    1. Hi Leogirl,
      I was born in 1979. My Venus is in Aquarius. Jupiter in Cancer is pretty auspicious (being generous, kind-hearted with loved ones, having innate enthusiasm). 29 degrees amplifies that I find. Let me know if you want to discuss your chart sometime!
      Best wishes,

      1. Ho Kirby, i am a little bit new in astrology, but i have a similar placement – Jupiter in Cancer, 12th House and Venus in Aquarius, Mars in VIII in Pisces. I am a designer & photographer.I started a few years ago an acupuncture therapy which opened a spiritual door…something like a deep physical feeling of connexion that sometimes makes me feel too sensitive for the outside world. I struggle with what i feel – because i am never very sure about my feelings are coming from, what is mine or what is from the outside… have very few knowledge about astrology and I also read somewhere that having Jupiter in Cancer, 12th House is also about family troubles, losses….Is that true? Or what is your feeling about this? ( sorry if my english is not perfect, i am not an english native speaker).
        Kind regards

      2. Hi Florence,
        Thanks for your message! First, about sensitivity – planets in the 8th and 12th (and water signs) will increase that sensitivity. But they also increase your empathy, your compassion and your ability to sense and be with emotions. So the real journey is transforming hypersensitivity (being overly sensitive) into a superpower – how can I take advantage of my sensitivity?
        Then your next question is about Jupiter in Cancer in the 12th. This is a great question. Honestly, I would need to see more of your astrology chart to answer it. And is your Jupiter close to your ascendant (within 8 degrees?). What is the Moon doing? Its sign, house, aspects, etc. How about the Nodes?
        If you want to schedule an astrology interpretation to chat more about this let me know. You can email me at kirby@mkirbymoore.com to let me know.
        Hope this helps!
        Wishing you well,

  2. Hi Kirby,

    I am 26 years old, graduated last year from medicine school and was granted to specialize neurosurgery. however I changed my course and started to study Biomedical engineer to work on medical technology. I had a lot of faith in the future, but now that I am swimming in unknown waters, i feel scared sometimes that I won’t make it.

    When I look at my natal chart, I see some interesting stuff like my Ascendant is on the 29° degree of Cancer. Besides I also have 29′ degree Cancer ascendant exactly on the midpoint of jupiter-pluto while there is a trine from my jupiter in cancer (12th house) to my ‘stellium’ of mercury-sun-pluto (tight conjunction of sun pluto 0°) in scorpio (4-5 house intersection). I can’t find any literature about these aspects all combined. How can I interpret this in respect to my study/career and my chance to succeed?

    Also, Jupiter in Cancer 12th house, would this suggest that this is a protection from illness? Because i have a capricorn stellium of Venus/uranus tight conjunction 7° from saturn/neptune tight conjunction in the sixth house. I am scared becoming ill because of that.

    This is a rather difficult and heavy question, sorry for that! But I need some extra faith to succeed and nowadays there is little faith.

    Sincere regards,


    1. Hi Louis,
      Congratulations on graduating medical school. Swimming in unknown waters is scary for just about anyone (save the fiery, adventurous Sagittarii out there). However it sounds like you have many great aspects which indicate your ability to work hard, your dedication and tenacity to plug away for your goals (Sun / Pluto; stellium in Scorpio). The Jupiter in the 12th might indicate that you don’t want to take the lead however, and maybe research is the best area for you as a result – you are very good at supporting other leaders however, with fairness and integrity. In other words, you have a good heart, so wherever you choose to do your work, I think you will bring benefit to those around you.

      You are asking a lot though. I would rather go in-depth with you via an astrology interpretation. The question of illness really comes down to your frequency – how is your state of mind? do you have healthy lifestyle practices? The illness piece will also come down to what attitudes did you inherit from your parents (and you definitely have a lot of karma with your father from what you have shared) and generational (epigenetic) inheritance pieces.

      Let me know if you are interested in discussing this further,

      1. Dear Kirby,

        I would like to take a deeper look at these questions I had. How can I contact you?

        Sincere regards,


      2. Hi Louis,
        Wow – sorry I did not reply to this sooner… not sure how it slipped by me w/o notifying me of your reply. It’s just four years later… ugh.

        Let me know if you might still want to look deeper into your astrology. I have been teaching Trauma Informed Astrology and going deeper myself, and loving the journey!

        Wishing you well – you can reply at kirby@mkirbymoore.com and I will definitely get that!


  3. Hi Kirby… Thanks for the insight. I have Jupiter in cancer in 12 and it also rules my 5 n 8. Leo rising with Sun Mercury n Saturn there. North node in 2 and Venus Mars in 3 in Libra. I have always felt a string disconnect with the world, a sense of just not belonging to here… Just want to run away somewhere… Does Jupiter give me this strong deattachment or the south node in 8?? Moon is in 7.

    1. Hi Sunidhi,
      Astrology is a very complex topic. My answer to your question would have to be: “It depends.” The major aspects of your chart matter a lot – what is aspecting Neptune? This is the first place I would look for disconnection to the world questions. Then I would peek at Uranus. Jupiter is not at the top of that list.

      With that said, it sounds like you were born close to 1979. Were you born in 1978? If so, you probably have Neptune in the 5th (Sag), Uranus 4th (Scorpio) and Pluto also in the 3rd (Libra)? With Chiron in late Aries or early Taurus near the top of your chart? Your question about a strong disconnection with the world might have to do with your Jupiter in the 12th, but I would also look at your Moon – is it Capricorn or Aquarius – either place is a bit cold for its soft, wise, lunar light. Pluto in the 3rd is probably livening things up depending on its contact with Venus and / or Mars (not leading to disconnecting from the world). I suspect your Saturn is not aspecting your Sun – which might reflect a belief in some people about having to work hard in this world for what you get, but not so much disconnection from it. Does your Mercury trine your Neptune? All this thinking aloud still brings me back to your Moon. Aquarius?

      Second, it might be worth asking your mother about your birth. The more I study about pre- and perinatal psychology, the more I realize that our birth patterns put down an imprint that sometimes will last for the entire lifetime! When we fully unwind our birth issues, we have so much more choice about the way we live our lives, and more understanding and more awareness!

      I hope this helps a little,


  4. Thank you so much for posting this! I also have Jupiter in Cancer in the 12th, as well as, my Sun, Mercury, and Chiron (all are conjunct ranging from 1 to 8 degrees of separation). Jupiter is opposing Saturn and Neptune in my 6th house (Capricorn), and Uranus is also there in the 6th. There seems to be so much energy in my 12th and 6th. I am a visual artist and feel my Jupiter in the 12th in this way. Can you speak to everything going on in my 12th and how it relates to my 6th (or vice versa)?

    1. Hi Jade,
      I posted a long piece about your comment earlier, but I deleted it after some consideration. The 12th house is a tricky area. It represents our unconscious or perhaps subconscious unmet needs, our fears, terror, phobias and it can also represent our innate intuition and psychic abilities. I’m sure it has to do with your being a great visionary artist!

      The sixth house is also a bit tricky – as peeling apart the layers of service should take a while. What I mean by this is such: Virgo and the 6th house can closely resemble each other. Some astrologers say that the 12th house has to do with service as well. But do we feel compelled to be of service to others because that is what we learned from our parents (our mother)? Do we feel compelled to be of service to others because it truly fills us with joy? Are we a door mat psychologically, and standing up for our feelings and needs is extremely difficult? With all that Cancerian energy – maybe you are of service in your family. But plying apart why you feel so compelled to serve is important (if that is what is happening). If we have put a lot of time into meditating and if we understand philosophy, then we might realize that service is truly what brings us happiness, but to do so while standing on our own two feet is important.

      I will say though that it might be worth looking at your birth patterns. I am learning pre- and perinatal psychology, birth process work recently, and the more I learn, the more I see that birth patterns (and the beliefs that get imprinted as a result of those patterns) can stay with us for our entire lives. So that might be an interesting area for you to look into.

      Good luck on your journey!

      1. Hi Kirby,

        I read your long post and I really appreciated it. I have been thinking about it all week actually. I was working on digesting all of the info in it, so I hope my non-response didn’t make you delete it. To answer a few of your questions, I am Leo rising, born July 1990. The past 2-3 years of my life have been intense to say the least, both good and bad. There was death – my grandpa, my best friend, and another friend, I graduated college, I traveled a lot, I married, I moved like three times, I was promoted, I left a job I love to be with my husband in grad school, I started studying ancient astrology, and there was controversy mixed all in between.

        I have a huge problem with withdrawal and anxiety; growing up and currently my father is an addict and battles with depression. At a young age, when my parents divorced I took care of my mom (4th house moon conjunct pluto?). I have always functioned as the mediator in my family. My friends/family (and even people I hardly know at all) tell me everything at times: their deep secrets, emotions, fears. In some ways I feel like a vessel that people pour their emotions into. Maybe this is the acts of service? There are definitely areas of my life (like my artistic practice) where I feel like I could and should do more, or need to break out of.

        There is so much more I would like to say! I think I will try to get an appointment with you sometime this winter. I have never had my chart professionally read!!

        Many many thanks,

      2. Hey Jade!
        Thank you for sharing a bit of your heart and your process over the past few years. I remember peeking at the potential transits to your 6th / 12th house planets (Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn) and realizing you have probably had an emotional roller coaster and it sounds like that is an understatement. I’m sorry to hear about all those losses of friends and loved ones.
        It would be great to do your chart! I am most curious about the 6th / 12th dynamic and now it sounds like you have a Hades Moon (Moon conjunct Pluto) in Scorpio?! That is also intense! You certainly chose a potent chart for doing your personal growth work this lifetime!
        Do get in touch with me as the somatic experiencing piece that I practice might also be able to help you with your anxiety. If you are interested of course. The 12th house planets reflect the withdrawal (and the addict father – these two might go hand in hand). From what you are describing, it also sounds like you might have a bit of strengthening to do around your boundaries (again 12th house and Neptune oppositions). People will pour their emotions into us until we establish clear and compassionate and appropriate boundaries… so not sure what kind of service that is! 🙂
        I would like to say more as well. And I am interested in hearing more too!
        I have more time available before mid-January, but if you need to wait beyond that, we can fit you in.
        My number is 434.465.0603
        Wishing you a gentle and beautiful autumn,

  5. Your thoughts certainly resonate with me, and thank you! My 12th house Cancer Jupiter trines my 29 degree Aquarius Moon and my Scorpio Saturn. My 12th house Gemini Sun creates 2 grand trines with the Aquarius Moon. One grand trine with my Scorpio Saturn and one with my Libra Neptune – total 3 grand trines. My Sun and Jupiter are opposite my Capricorn Mars. “jovial, optimistic, speculating, the-grass-is-always-greener-on-the-other-side-of-the-fence, wanderlust-filled, adventuring, mental pioneering, broadener of horizons” That’s me… after all, what’s the worst that could happen? In “Cancer indicates that I have the potential for spiritual awareness, a natural proclivity toward giving and altruism, a desire to nurture those who I care about and I might even have innate healing abilities.” – Yes, yes, yes. In my life, I think the key in what you wrote is “It is where we subconsciously work against ourselves.” As long as I’m working in balance with my own needs – I’m ok. It’s when the nurturing, giving, altruism gets out of balance and I perceive others taking advantage that things turn south – then Mars kicks in, I put my head down and work. But who and what I’m working for is important – again, balance. Is this really my dream (Neptune in Libra)? Well, you mentioned Neptune and the immune system – now I’m being treated for an auto-immune disease. (But remember, my Jupiter is in Cancer….I’ll get through this just fine – really, we all do!)

    1. Hi Cindy,
      Thank you for sharing! I’m glad my words resonate with you. It sounds like you have a very interesting astrology chart. Neptune / Saturn in the 4th house? Are they conjunct? Moon in the 8th house? Mars in the 6th? Mars and Saturn strengthen each other. Your Mercury is Gemini or Cancer – 12th house too?
      Have you looked into Somatic Experiencing? It is a very efficacious form of trauma resolution (any kind of trauma – developmental, birth trauma, accidents, falls, etc). And sometimes autoimmune disorders arise from unresolved traumas – look up the Adverse Childhood Experiences study to see all the evidence pointing at the effects of early trauma leading to later disease. Thank you again for sharing and may you discover easy robust health!

      1. Hi Kirby – Cancer Mercury is in my 1st house – conjunct my Cancer Ascendant, Cancer Uranus also conjunct my Ascendant. Neptune and Saturn are not conjunct. The other planet houses are correct. I’ll look into Somatic Experiencing and the Study you suggested. Interesting chart – you bet – I’m looking forward to my next challenge/adventure. I think it’s starting soon.

      2. BTW Kirby that 6th house Capricorn Mars is also sextile my Saturn and Moon inconjunct my Cancer Venus.

      3. Oops, that’s an early Leo Venus in my 1st house – squaring the Scorpio Saturn (4th house) and inconjunct the Capricorn Mars (6th house)

  6. i have jupiter in 12 with a cancel sign…. which conjuncts ketu.. i like isolation. every friend calls me up when there is a case of mental depression. i really like to do something for the living beings.. not only himans but animals too. when i am the eldest among the group i will care for each one. till we complete the task. i feel some thing or someone is always watching me.. but i am afraid to communicate back as it might be lethal for me… but yes… this position of jupiter is tasting smthin in life which myt be boring for others but we really enjoy that… and we are happy … eg isolation… meditation etc..

    1. It sounds like you might have more than just Jupiter in your 12th house? What is Saturn doing in your chart? I hope you discover happiness, Kirby

  7. My daughter has Guru Chandra in cancer 12th house, was wondering how she will be, at age of ten she is very naughty, often hurt herself, very stubborn on what she intends to do, a standout in the crowd with her odd ways.. But she is lovely too.. Caring and Helps others..

    1. Hi Piya,
      I don’t know much about Vedic Astrology, but if what you are asking about reflects Jupiter in Cancer (in the 12th house) then there is much more to consider about your daughter’s chart. Jupiter in Cancer (in the 12th) is not typically naughty – that would be another influence – look at Mars, Mercury, Uranus, same goes for hurting herself, stubbornness would also show up in other areas of the chart – many fixed signs? And if she willingly stands out in a crowd, she probably has a strong Uranus. Now the lovely, caring, empathy (sensitivity) would correlate with this placement of Jupiter. I hope this helps! May all be auspicious. ~KM

  8. Hi

    Wonderful post. I got to the bottom and I realised I had read it before but it hadn’t properly sunk in. It still hasn’t. I too have Jupiter in Cancer, 12th house; it doesn’t show itself very often, except with certain Neptunian types and/or under Neptunian influences.

    I thought about what you said about Neptune not being focused. I must disagree; the fact that you have been trying to force this energy to manifest is evidence that Neptune has been focused, even if the focus has been on something vague and ‘unknowable’. I heard today that it takes an investment of 10,000 hours to become an expert in a field; I can think of no other planet with that level of perseverance than Neptune. We honour Saturn with the title of ‘hardworker’, but in order to amass 10,000 hours one MUST be addicted; this is the realm of Neptune.

    I wouldn’t be so hard on your Pisces nature. I am very grateful for this post, it is hands down the best I have found online; twice!


    1. Hi Mish, I appreciate your response to my post! And you might be right – but I believe that most of the time, it is not Neptune’s energy behind the discipline that is required to become an expert in a field. Personally I also have some Gemini energy (Libra Moon in the 3rd house) and that could be what I am feeling – being too scattered or distractible. But I know Neptune’s seductive pull when I feel it 🙂 I have a strong Saturn in Virgo, so yes, I can hard on myself. But overall, I am getting better about practicing self care.
      Thanks for your thoughtful comment!

  9. i have sagittarius stellium mars, venus, and jupiter here; with jupiter as dominant planet and sagittarius as dominant sign. i’m very much of a loner, but i enjoy my solitude because i can freely do what i want to do without afraid being judged. i once had a close friend i had trusted, who later purposedly destroyed me, for one of the reasons was because she was jealous of my “colorful, comfortable, yet dreamy” private life; which has been actively supported by moon 8th house (resources from maternal side). this stellium is controlled by square aspect from saturn in 3rd house, so this abundant energy is constructively used to serve well in my duties. my public life is very serious and uptight (scorpio sun cj. mercury and pluto in 11th house, trine saturn) so my jovial side is very much unknown to others.

    1. Thanks for sharing Eclaire. It sounds like you are working on allowing your jovial and strong Jupiter to seep out into your public life. Keep it up! So you also have a Sagittarius rising? What is in your 12th house?

  10. I have Jupiter mars and Venus in cancer 12th house… opposite to Saturn in 6th Capricorn… I understand how to deal with oppositions but Jupiter is also the ruler of my north node which is in Sagittarius 5th…
    how will you interprete this?

    1. Hi Kothari,

      I know it might sound cliche’ed to say this, but the way I would interpret your question is to say it depends! 🙂

      Here are some of the factors that my interpretation would depend upon:
      1st: Your past history – does Jupiter exalting in Cancer come out much in your life? Or does Saturn rule the show?
      2nd: The rest of your chart matters quite a bit – is your Sun strong in Aries or Leo or is it quieter in Capricorn, Taurus or Pisces (for instance)? If you have a Leo rising, then your Sun’s position will definitely have a stronger effect on your personality and openness.
      3rd: How about your Moon? The Moon is the natural ruler of Cancer so it might influence those 12th house planets.
      4th: AND Neptune is naturally associated with the 12th house – what is it doing in your chart? Do you have a Cancer or Leo rising?

      Astrology is a very complex “science.” I am very busy with nursing school these days, but I could give you a pithy interpretation if you want 🙂 I suspect that no matter what the answers are to my questions above, you are the type of person who works behind the scenes – you are not overly fond of being the leader or taking all the credit, and you are definitely not the person on the throne. You work with them, quietly, humbling, in the background.

      I can do a comprehensive interpretation if you want – in December or January – when I am on break from school.

      Best wishes,

  11. Nice – putting things on table.. Thanks! Feels good to know that all this that is happening is still a blessing in general. And what about me – I have a boomerang yod configuration in my birth chart, with the top of the yod pointing in 12th house Jupiter Cancer…….. :))) how good it can get? 😀 I am not much deep in astrology yet myself to understand what that could mean.. But must be something important 🙂

    1. Sounds like you know a bit about astrology. The 12th house still comes with its challenges, in spite of Jupiter’s “guardian angel” facet in effect. The rest of your chart, and most importantly the choices you make, will determine how good you perceive it to be. 🙂

  12. I am almost identical to you. I’m a Pisces with Jupiter in Cancer in the 12th house @ 24 degrees. It took me 45 years to figure out what I am doing here. And I pushed and pushed to find out the answer for years, not realizing that it was right in front of me. How can someone with third eye vision be so blind, I asked myself. I think culture also blinds us to our paths because they are so non-traditional in nature most of the time, so we do what is expected…go to college, get a degree that will support you financially (not necessarily spiritually) buy a house, go into debt, and then work at that until you retire. It almost killed me. So I took a leap of faith and released myself from the trap by “gnawing off my own foot” to be free. I committed financial suicide. I quit my job, rented out my home and moved to Hollywood to start a career in film (behind the camera) as well as began seriously studying astrology. I have not yet seen the rewards of this leap of faith, at least not in a financial sense, but I feel it inside. It may have been the wrong move financially, but spiritually and emotionally it was the only move.

    1. Wow Lizz! Good luck to you with all of your endeavors! My leap of faith is actually taking me toward mainstream paths (it seems). I think that might be my Saturn and North Node in Saturn speaking… If you want to talk astrology sometime, just let me know – kirby@mkirbymoore.com

      1. Hi Vandana, this is a complicated question. 🙂 I’m assuming you are talking about Jupiter and Mercury in Cancer in the 12th house? Astrology is a very complicated science. To take one or two slices out of the pie that is our personality and our karma and our predispositions and habits and to attempt to analyze those slices without any other information about the rest of the pie… well it is very difficult to be specific. One thing I will say though, if someone has those two planets in the 12th house in a water sign (Cancer), is that that individual will probably have a difficult time using the logical, rational, empirical, critical thinking side of their mind. They will more likely be very intuitive and they will definitely be psychic sponges who soak up the emotional / psychological energies around them. They will need to have some solitude in their lives to rejuvenate and rest. But we really must know where the other planets are and the aspects they are making. For instance, is Mars in a fire sign or in Gemini? If so, this person might be better at mechanical type work. What are Neptune and Venus doing in the chart? They will also show indications of emotional capacity and abilities.

    2. Lizz I also have Pisces with Jupiter in Cancer in the 12th house @ 24 degrees. Its taken me 50 years and counting…ha! I’m curious, what did you mean by 3rd eye vision?

      1. Hi Lizz,
        I re-read my post and I did not exactly see where I wrote 3rd eye vision, but I will explain nonetheless. 🙂

        For me personally, I have spent years slowly coming down out of my head and embodying. Embodying the compassion and generosity of my heart. Embodying the potency and creativity of my pelvis. And if someone has a history of trauma – whether from birth or childhood or later, then it really is challenging and difficult to come down out of the head. However, with a good guide or mentor (or emotional-process-oriented bodyworker), we can skillfully come down and settle comfortably in our bodies. Once we do so, we literally receive gut messages about any new situation, thought, person we meet, etc. The 3rd eye represents intuition and it takes time to stabilize our minds so that this intuition can constantly be relied upon. Some people (like myself 15 years ago) have a bit of a manic relationship with intuition. If my muse struck, then that day I would create some amazing beauty. But other days I would be in a funk. I am happier now having stabilized my mind.
        I hope this helps explain it!
        Thanks for reading,

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