Natal Jupiter in the 12th, Transiting Jupiter 12th

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My last post was about having natal Jupiter in the 12th in the sign of Cancer.  And now, for the next few months, transiting Jupiter is also in the sign of Cancer, meaning for me Jupiter is traveling through familiar territory – the 12th house.  So what are some potential ramifications of this?

The 12th House in the larger scheme of Astrological Cycles…  Go back and peek at the previous post if you have not already done so, because that will detail what Jupiter in the 12th (as an independent Astrological House) can mean.  Here I will detail what the 12th House means in relation to the other Houses.

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In Western Astrology, the 12 Astrological Houses each describe and are associated with differing areas of life.  The 1st House is typically the beginning, the time and situation around one’s birth, and it is very self-oriented.  What is my path?  How do I go about treading my path will show up with the sign on the Ascendant and its aspects.

Likewise, as the 1st House is the beginning of a new cycle, the 12th House is the closure of the previous cycle.  That is why the 12th House is sometimes described as the Cosmic Dustpan.  Because that is where we are tidying up all the work done in the previous Houses and WE ARE PREPARING FOR A NEW CYCLE TO COME ABOUT.

But if you are like me, you are not entirely comfortable with the unknown!  We want some control.  We want some knowledge about what is around the corner.  This is why most of us do not go through huge upheavals during Jupiter’s transition from 12th to 1st.  (But we might say it is an upheaval when the Progressed Moon or Saturn go from natal 12th House to 1st.)  Generally speaking we will have some knowledge about what is around the corner, but the details will be missing.  For example…  I am going to start a new direction in school – graduate school maybe?  How am I going to pay for that?  Which school will accept me?  Where will I live?  Will I have to get a job while I am in school?  Etc…

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Temptations as the 12th is associated with Neptune…  For me, as I mentioned in my previous post, Jupiter in the 12th House is not always easy.  Yes it is Jupiter we are talking about, and yes in the 12th it is known as a Guardian Angel…  But too many Neptunian influences will be difficult to navigate through.  If we have Jupiter trine to our Sun, Moon or Venus from the 12th House, then we might be inclined to sit back and wait for the blessings to fall into our laps.  I am not saying we are lazy (look to Saturn’s placement to answer that question).  But we have learned that we are just fortunate enough to get by and we can be content with that.  This will not be everybody, but this could especially be true for people with Jupiter in Cancer making a trine to a Piscean Sun Moon or Venus (plus a couple of planets in Virgo).  You will be blessed in that case.  But how you go about using your potential is up to you.

I started off this section mentioning the Neptunian temptations because Jupiter in the 12th is in Neptune’s domain.  And again, this would be true more so for people with strongly Neptunian charts.  Look for a stellium (3 or more planets) in the 12th House or in Pisces and / or look to strong Neptune aspects (conjunct / square / opposite Sun, Moon, Mercury, Ascendant).  If we have a strong pull from Neptune when Jupiter is in the 12th house, instead of waiting with confident patience, knowing that we must consciously pause while a change of energy comes about, we might push on with frustration and tire ourselves out.  Or we could become frustrated with the waiting and say to the Universe, “Screw this!  I’m going to escape from this difficult waiting tonight!”  You will hear Neptune’s voice whispering in your ear – and if a lot of 12th house energy or Neptune / Pisces energy is flowing around your chart, then you should find a wise person and ally yourself with them.  I have heard it said that a Dragon – a powerful, wise and compassionate person is hard to find, but if you know of a Dragon in your neighborhood (an authentic spiritual teacher might very well be a Dragon), then you should seek them out.  Especially during Jupiter’s transits through your 12th House!

When Jupiter is in the 12th House, see what forms of self care are both easy and kind to our selves.  We can take a short bath.  We can take a quick nap instead of using the computer to distract ourselves.  Maybe we can go for a nice walk or a short hike?  When you hear Neptune’s silky seductive voice whispering in your ear, move your awareness down into your heart.  What does your body want?  What does your heart need?  Maybe sleeping would be a better idea than watching that Star Wars marathon…

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Feeling uncertain about the future but resting in the immediately present blessings…  When Jupiter is in the 12th House, typically things will work out quite well within the next year.  When Jupiter actually crosses the Ascendant, things will have been gradually clearing up and by that point, you will know what direction to pursue and how to go about that pursuit.  We will probably be able to wait patiently while Jupiter is transiting the 12th House, but like I mention above, who is good at waiting patiently with confidence?  This requires that we TRUST the process and trust the Universe to provide for us.  And frankly, at times, that can be terrifying!  Most of us use some form of distraction to pass the time.  We do not like the word “bored.”  We would rather spend an hour on Facebook than lie around waiting for the Universe to show us our path  🙂    But if you can slowly start to realize the ways in which we take a detour from our path, then we can start to do self care or spiritual practices which help us stay present and aware.

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