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How many people felt emotional intensity on Christmas Day – two days ago?  How many of you are experiencing intense, over-energetic days right now?

As usual, I need to start out by saying that Astrology is a subjective topic.  I cannot write one blog post and describe everyone’s experience, because we are all so unique.  We are even unique moment to moment.  So my own perceptions and thoughts will change around this topic soon!  With that said, this post is about the confluence of Uranus, Pluto and Mars in a cosmic T-Square, which is nearly exact as I type.  Then (on X-mas day) the Moon crossed over Mars, making a few hours of emotional intensity likely for some people (I will describe who below).  And over the next few days, the Sun and Mercury will move to conjunct Pluto, also getting into this intense Cauldron of Volatility.

The Cardinal signs are about taking the initiative, moving forward, and making changes.  The general theory (overly simplified theory that is) is that the Cardinal sign people – the Aries, Cancers, Libras and Capricorns of the world – are the ones who come up with many unique ideas about how to move their own lives forward, and how to move their company, their employees, their family, their groups forward.  Then the Fixed sign people are the ones who sustain those good ideas, they are the ones who are stubborn enough to keep going in spite of obstacles.  And finally, the Mutable sign people are the ones who are the communicators – they are peace makers and playful diplomats who go between the Cardinals and the Fixed people.  Of course the actual situation, no matter what, is more complicated than this (because we all have some Cardinal, Fixed AND Mutable energy in our charts – somewhere and to varying degrees).

Here is what is happening right now: Pluto is at 11 degrees of Capricorn, making a Square (tension, conflict, action which feels forced) aspect to Uranus which is at 8 degrees of Aries.  Then (today and tomorrow anyway) Mars is at 9 degrees of Libra making the difficult larger aspect called a T-Square (like a three legged, unstable table) whose outlet is in the sign of Cancer, because at least for now, there is no actual planet near the 8 to 11 degree point of Cancer.  I have a lot of mention or else I would explain more at depth here…  ask questions if you want to!

On Christmas Day, the Moon also crossed the 8 degree point of Libra, where Mars was situated, adding a heightened element to this already hot mix.  So that might have been a challenging day for some people.  And then coming soon (starting today or tomorrow – December 27th / 28th), the Sun is moving toward the 8 – 11 degree point of Capricorn, along with Mercury.  So New Year’s Day, the Sun will be exactly conjunct Pluto (at least along one axis), with Mercury having crossed Pluto a day or two prior to that.  So, this is not over by any means.

In general, when planets like Pluto and Uranus make a tough aspect like this, which is a rare occasion I might add!  They will be within 3 degrees of each other for about 3 years.  And this case is no exception.  This is due to their retrograde motions – they part from each other for a few months, and then due to retrogradation, they come back into orb…  for about 3 years!  So of course that entire time is not going to be a hot tempest of emotions and unexpected changes.  So how do we know when there will be personal affects from this broad, over-arching aspect?  It is when the personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars) get involved.  And guess what?  The personal planets could not be more involved than they are now.  Mars entered the scene first and the Moon crossed briefly through, and then the Sun and Mercury will move into play.

So who will potentially be affected by these cosmic giants interplaying with the personal movers and shakers?  People who have personal planets around 7 to 12 degrees of Cardinal signs will definitely feel this.  AND people who have a Cardinal Rising sign or a Cardinal MidHeaven will feel this especially if their rising sign is between 7 and 12 degrees.  Therefore this is not affecting everyone.  And it will not affect the people I describe above equally.  Why not?  See my previous posts about frequency-based astrology – we all have unique individual karmas.  And astrology is simply a glimpse of your karma – once you purify the gross negative karmas, then you will be affected less and less by tough astrological configurations.

I do not have the space or time to go through and write exactly who will feel what.  For instance, this cosmic T-Square will affect someone with their Sun at 11 degrees of Aries differently from someone whose Moon is at 11 degrees of Cancer.  And Mars at 11 degrees of Capricorn people will feel this differently from people with their Mercury at 11 degrees of Libra.  But…  the essence of those personal planets will definitely be piqued!!  For instance, is Mercury is the personal planet “under scrutiny” as it were, then your mental energy and perception of details and mental pace will all increase during this time (due to Uranus’ and Mars’ affects).  Likewise for Venus, your relationships with people, with aesthetics and with money many shift during this radical time.  Mars being tweaked by this T-Square could bring separations, conflicts, added energy and increased competitive energy.  And the signs will make a difference – Venus in Aries is vastly different than Venus in Capricorn!

So what are some potential remedies for this difficult week?  Slow down!  You will not receive any cosmic messages if you are bopping rapidly from event to event, from party to party.  And even if you are in the midst of hectic travels to and from relatives houses, take a few minutes to catch your breath.  See what your body is trying to communicate to you.  Is my digestion happy?  What does it need today?  How can I slow down just a little bit more?  Slower gentler yoga would be very helpful and meditation, especially in an established, authentic tradition would be very helpful.  Because purifying one’s karma on the meditation cushion is much better than having a physical event purify it for us!  (I’d rather have a really irritated, angry day meditating than have an angry reactive encounter with another human being.)

Well I tried to summarize this hectic, busy, energetic and transformative configuration in less than a thousand words.  I came close.  I wish you good luck with your process!  And you can always feel free to contact me for an astrology interpretation if things are getting too intense for you.

May all beings experience ease and clarity!

Thank you for reading!


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This material is copyrighted by M. Kirby Moore. Reproduction without permission is prohibited. Thank you for visiting.

Recently, we on the Planet Earth experienced this raucous little aspect.  Transiting Mars caught up with transiting Pluto and they danced for a couple of days.  So what happens with the “gods” of the underworld and war get to dancin’?

Well, this answer depends on one’s individual chart.  However, because astrology does not merely affect people, this dance may have also been reflected in the now-escalated conflict between Israel and Hamas in the Middle East.  Every organization and country also have a “birth” as it were and therefore they also have birth charts which will reflect their relationships with other such organizations.

But I doubt you are reading this post to hear about astrology and politics.  And if you are, you have perhaps come to the wrong place because I specialize more in working with individuals.

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Individually what did this aspect mean?  Again, I wish there was a simple answer.  To give this subject at least an inkling of an appropriate sketch, I must say that it depends on where this aspect took place in your individual chart and on top of that, it depends on what this aspect touched in your chart (which of our natal planets was aspected by this conjunction).

No matter what, Mars dancing with Pluto equals increased passions.  There is a good chance that for a few days your juices were flowing more than usual, meaning that either you had an increased sex drive or your irritation levels got a touch too high and boiled over, resulting in arguments and conflict.  Basically this conjunction would escalate whatever energies it encountered.

If this conjunction falls in the 7th house, there could be increased attraction toward others, both a desire for partnership and sexual union and potentially a magnetic quality attracting others to you (whether you want this or not!).  This would almost certainly be the case if this conjunction aspected Venus.

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If this aspect makes a hard relationship with Uranus, then look out.  Uranus is already the surprising, lightning bolt of instant progress whether we desire it or not, so this combination could lead to explosions of all sorts – emotional, mechanical, firearm-discharge etc.  If this is the case, be extra careful around sharp objects and firearms.

If you have a Moon / Saturn / Mercury T-Square in your chart (a challenging, potentially emotionally constipating aspect), then this could be a time of literal constipation and blockage.  This particular example would be very rare, but if you happened to have a few days of increased stress with chronic dehydration, then the conditions could be in place for an unpleasant few days to be sure.

These are just a few of the potential manifestations of this energy as reflected in the sky above.  Considering I am writing this post about a week post facto, you can use this information for next time (which would be about 670 days away).  If you do have Mars and Pluto coming together in your chart AND they will make a hard aspect to something in your Natal Chart, then it is highly advised to consult your astrologer.  And if you need one, you can always give me a call.  🙂

May all beings successfully navigate the streams of challenging karma!

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