Mars conjunct Pluto (transit)

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Recently, we on the Planet Earth experienced this raucous little aspect.  Transiting Mars caught up with transiting Pluto and they danced for a couple of days.  So what happens with the “gods” of the underworld and war get to dancin’?

Well, this answer depends on one’s individual chart.  However, because astrology does not merely affect people, this dance may have also been reflected in the now-escalated conflict between Israel and Hamas in the Middle East.  Every organization and country also have a “birth” as it were and therefore they also have birth charts which will reflect their relationships with other such organizations.

But I doubt you are reading this post to hear about astrology and politics.  And if you are, you have perhaps come to the wrong place because I specialize more in working with individuals.

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Individually what did this aspect mean?  Again, I wish there was a simple answer.  To give this subject at least an inkling of an appropriate sketch, I must say that it depends on where this aspect took place in your individual chart and on top of that, it depends on what this aspect touched in your chart (which of our natal planets was aspected by this conjunction).

No matter what, Mars dancing with Pluto equals increased passions.  There is a good chance that for a few days your juices were flowing more than usual, meaning that either you had an increased sex drive or your irritation levels got a touch too high and boiled over, resulting in arguments and conflict.  Basically this conjunction would escalate whatever energies it encountered.

If this conjunction falls in the 7th house, there could be increased attraction toward others, both a desire for partnership and sexual union and potentially a magnetic quality attracting others to you (whether you want this or not!).  This would almost certainly be the case if this conjunction aspected Venus.

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If this aspect makes a hard relationship with Uranus, then look out.  Uranus is already the surprising, lightning bolt of instant progress whether we desire it or not, so this combination could lead to explosions of all sorts – emotional, mechanical, firearm-discharge etc.  If this is the case, be extra careful around sharp objects and firearms.

If you have a Moon / Saturn / Mercury T-Square in your chart (a challenging, potentially emotionally constipating aspect), then this could be a time of literal constipation and blockage.  This particular example would be very rare, but if you happened to have a few days of increased stress with chronic dehydration, then the conditions could be in place for an unpleasant few days to be sure.

These are just a few of the potential manifestations of this energy as reflected in the sky above.  Considering I am writing this post about a week post facto, you can use this information for next time (which would be about 670 days away).  If you do have Mars and Pluto coming together in your chart AND they will make a hard aspect to something in your Natal Chart, then it is highly advised to consult your astrologer.  And if you need one, you can always give me a call.  🙂

May all beings successfully navigate the streams of challenging karma!

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