Water Qigong

Here in massage school, that would be the magic marvelous mystical world of Massage School.. we are getting into Water Qigong. This is a very profound practice. For a beginner: (me) going near a stream is relaxing, soothing, listening to the gurgling brook sounds is very peaceful. Maybe I can stay in my Dan TienContinue reading “Water Qigong”

Radical Kindness: Touching the Heart

This material is copyrighted by M. Kirby Moore. Reproduction without permission is prohibited. Thank you for visiting this site and enjoy your time here! So on the way back from retreat, I was very fortunate to stop over in Portsmouth. Not only did I not have to drive as far (it was a nice littleContinue reading “Radical Kindness: Touching the Heart”

Creating space, ease follows

It is quite amazing how little adjustments can make a huge difference. Since I returned from Canada, I have gone through my nursing school books and notes and I recycled hundreds of pages which were just sitting on my shelf gathering dust. By moving all of those nursing books further away (because I am heavilyContinue reading “Creating space, ease follows”

Yoga Retreat in beautiful Clifton Forge, VA

Thursday morning: I’m a little nervous and activated as I will both be giving talks about the Autonomic Nervous System, Trauma Resolution and Birth Trauma (repair) and I will be giving treatments as well on Thursday and Friday. I wake up early, getting things together in order to head down to Clifton Forge (90 minuteContinue reading “Yoga Retreat in beautiful Clifton Forge, VA”

finally feeling better after Lyme’s borreliosis

This is a post about my recovery from Lyme’s disease.  If you are a regular visitor, you may have read a previous post describing my struggle with Lyme’s disease (borrelia burgdorferi). I am now realizing that I have probably been infected with some sort of tick-borne issue for longer than I thought.  I say thisContinue reading “finally feeling better after Lyme’s borreliosis”

Clarity arising during bodywork

I am going to write about how clarity can arise during meditation.  And it can also arise when we are offering bodywork. Garchen Rinpoche is one of my heart teachers.  He is one of the few individuals on the planet who I honestly think, loves everyone and everything around him.  He is the embodiment ofContinue reading “Clarity arising during bodywork”

Embodiment and the Buddhadharma

This might be a little sacrilegious…  but I want to share these thoughts nonetheless.  I want to preface what I am going to say with the fact that I am, deep in my heart, a Buddhist practitioner.  I have a strong connection with Tibetan lamas from the Drikung Kagyu, Nyingma and Gelugpa lineages.  Also, IContinue reading “Embodiment and the Buddhadharma”

Benefits of nursing

Yesterday, I was having a tough time with several aspects I am seeing over and over again in hospitals.  However, in spite of staffing issues and strained working conditions, there is a reason nurses are the most trusted profession (people) in the United States – and yes, more so than fire fighters! From the perspectiveContinue reading “Benefits of nursing”

the environs of the PPN training were ideal

The setting for the summer intensive is quite idyllic.  Peaceful, fog shrouded mornings, followed by mountain-breeze-filled, sunny afternoons, pleasant evenings with chilly nights.  I will try to post pictures soon. For those of you who are reading my blog for the first time, I did training with Myrna Martin and there were 12 of usContinue reading “the environs of the PPN training were ideal”

Day 1, 2 at PPN intensive, Nelson, Canada

If readers are interested, I am going to be slowly going through my journal and detailing what we did each day.  Of course some information about other people’s (participants) turns is confidential, I will just be describing my experience and my reactions and my thoughts on the process. Day 1 – Monday.  We were aContinue reading “Day 1, 2 at PPN intensive, Nelson, Canada”