Do we have to get sick after Dharma teachings?

A post about sickness as purification after potent Dharma teachings. The answer to the above question is an emphatic: “No!” Or maybe it should be, not for the reasons you are suggesting. So often I hear the sentiment that after a potent weekend or a week or more of Dharma teachings (or retreat), that comingContinue reading “Do we have to get sick after Dharma teachings?”

Energetic repatterning with a healing drummer

This post is from an empirical, Buddhist practitioner-oriented perspective (I am just being honest). Home Recently I had a healing drum session with Toby Christensen. Frankly, I had mixed reviews going into it, but now I want to explore these sessions further. And coming from someone who has dabbled in… hhmmm… at least a coupleContinue reading “Energetic repatterning with a healing drummer”

meditative progression

A post about Kirby Moore’s personal reflections on his attempts at meditating and how the process is shifting. In speaking with one of my heart teachers recently, it is clear that my awareness and sensitivity regarding meditation sessions have shifted. This concept is reinforced by my weekly conversations with the I Ching, which, when IContinue reading “meditative progression”

Body / Mind considerations – Neurotic about diet?

I am writing this post for all those people who feel strongly that they need to be hyper vigilant about what they put in their bodies. I think it is important to practice mindfulness about our diet and lifestyle, and of course it is better to choose healthy options… but to be so concerned withContinue reading “Body / Mind considerations – Neurotic about diet?”

Birth Trauma and Apocalyptic Undertones

This blog post is by M. Kirby Moore and it is primarily speculation. However he has a little experience and education in the field of embryology and birth dynamics. The material is copyrighted so please ask permission before reproducing. How many people do you know who seem to actively seek out information about the worldContinue reading “Birth Trauma and Apocalyptic Undertones”