Cause for Celebration

mistrust is beginning to give way visceral adhesion slowly loosening, peeling angels and outer wisdom beings cheer, gradually my pace is becoming natural, easy, effortless fear, karma, conditioning lead to tense mediastinum no longer pushing, no more forcing “may I rest down and relax completely” comes true cause for celebration, inner wisdom beings smile stillContinue reading “Cause for Celebration”

in Muir Woods, thinking of you

the fog tickles emerald moss tantalizing whispers deep-belly moans ancient secrets kept hidden frozen dry rocky soil rooted solid tight spokes of sun stir redwood heart boughs bark branches lips needles dance, jiggle, sing, celebrate life dreamily melts, flows, longing for your warm touch, soft eyes tender caress, kisses, wishes escape lusting after a kindContinue reading “in Muir Woods, thinking of you”

a message from my avocado

who are you, that I softeningly nourish, with such ripening joy? I yearn to be within the mystery that is you; waiting for just the moment, hoping, that for too long, I am not kept in the dark, fretting that shadowy threads do not criss-cross my flesh, before I am inside your radiant body, myContinue reading “a message from my avocado”

Soft boiled Heart

This material is copyrighted by M. Kirby Moore. Reproduction without permission is prohibited. Soft Boiled Heart Sometimes, My heart hardens, Stresses from work, Heat from finances, Strip and rend my humanity, I forget who I am, Rough, scaly edges manifest, crystallize, form, I get defensive; distant, selfish; For this, I am sorry. But now, nowContinue reading “Soft boiled Heart”

on purity of nature

This material is copyrighted by M. Kirby Moore. Reproduction without permission is strictly prohibited. Thank you for reading. Inner retreat faltering… flurries beginning to fall Reaching, grasping for something… unknown… not yet realized… suddenly the snow is falling moderately outside Onto outer retreat then, on goes flannel, outer shirt, scarf, coat, hat with ear flaps,Continue reading “on purity of nature”

Pulling out the wrinkles, a poem

This material is copyrighted by M. Kirby Moore. Reproduction without permission is prohibited. Thanks for visiting! This poem arose as I was driving down to North Carolina to see friends old and new, and to attend a full weekend of Dharma teachings. I’d say it reflects my yearning to have someone special to share myContinue reading “Pulling out the wrinkles, a poem”

Sound healing with Toby Christensen

Primal energies, elemental rhythms re-awaken heart, re-awaken potential wisdom presence is visceral now Old wisdom returns stoking the embers, coaxing flames long forgotten something is incubating deep within my cells, knowledge sleepily waits for body and mind to unite having completed a great journey now ready to take birth eagerly anticipating the moment of lifeContinue reading “Sound healing with Toby Christensen”