Cause for Celebration

mistrust is beginning to give way visceral adhesion slowly loosening, peeling angels and outer wisdom beings cheer, gradually my pace is becoming natural, easy, effortless fear, karma, conditioning lead to tense mediastinum no longer pushing, no more forcing “may I rest down and relax completely” comes true cause for celebration, inner wisdom beings smile stillContinue reading “Cause for Celebration”

Dharma family versus Spiritual Friends

This material is copyrighted by Kirby Moore.  Reproduction without permission is prohibited.  To support my business and blogging efforts, please visit my website. More recently, I have begun teaching Astrology classes on Trauma-Informed Astrology, see for more! Thank you for visiting! I am writing this post because a recent “squall-line of interactions” has gotten meContinue reading “Dharma family versus Spiritual Friends”