Alternative Shingles Treatments

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The first alternative treatment for shingles that was offered to me was to take lysine internally in tablet form – the amino acid L lysine and to take St. John’s Wort both internally and externally.  The Lysine was to make the sores go away faster and I think it worked.  I guess the external St. John’s Wort was also to do this?  Not sure – or an external treatment for the nerves?  Internally I am guessing it worked with the nervous system to calm things down.

The second alternative treatment that was offered, and I did not get the chance to try this out because the sores were practically dried up by the time I found out, was Red Marine Algae.  This was to replace the Valtrex – the anti-viral medicine which definitely did the trick for me!  The Valtrex plus Lysine had my sores drying up within three days and thank goodness because for a few days there, the left side of my face was crusty and oozy and pocked.  Yick!

Yet another alternative treatment which is supposed to help the nerves over time, and I do not fully understand this, but I read an article on it which persuaded me to give it a try, was to use Castor Oil Heated Liver Packs at least once a day.  The way one goes about doing this is to put Castor Oil on a piece of flannel wool, put a piece of plastic wrap over that so the heating pad does not get oily and to let the oil soak into the body for at least an hour.  Here is what I can tell you: if you happened to get the shingles (because your immune system was very very depleted from it) because you have a lot of suppressed resentment and / or frustration or irritation, then these livers packs are just for you.  Doing them will literally force you to stop suppressing that said resentment.  Trust me, only after the second day of doing one hour per day, I noticed results.  And by the way, this is an Edgar Cayce remedy.

Last but not least, I have not tried these homeopathic remedies yet, however I am still in pain seven weeks later, so I will give it a shot soon, there are several homeopathic options.  Ideally, I think we should work with a solid homeopath who can take down all of our details – for instance there might be a different treatment for herpes zoster on the ribs vs. herpes zoster (the shingles virus) on the face.  From the research I did, it sounded like extremely high potency doses of Mag-Phos could help with the nerve pain.  So I am going to give that a try next.

If you happen to be very, and I mean very sensitive, then you will not react well to Valtrex.  I heard several people mention that it caused them rough headaches and other side effects.  If you are exquisitely sensitive (which can be a great blessing once you understand it), then even L-Lysine might be a bit much for your liver, especially over extended periods of time.  So trust your intuition and your body.  If the doctors are telling you one thing and your body is screaming the exact opposite, back off and find out how to come back into alignment.  I think that rest is the ultimate shingles cure.  Once I stopped watching sports highlights and wasting time here and there, once I just rested for 16 hours straight for a few days in a row, that was when I felt much much better.

And by the way, I am not a doctor, I do not claim to treat, cure, prevent, or diagnose any disease, rather here I am just sharing my experience from having the shingles on my left trigeminal nerve.  So take any advice at your own risk  🙂  and enjoy it as entertainment if not.

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