2 thoughts on “Shingles Diary, 2013

  1. I am sorry to hear of your problems with shingles. I am not a doctor, but I have had good results against colds, allergies and other conditions and wrote a little book about it. One remedy which I devised was for stopping cold sores before they break out. Since cold sores are caused by a virus similar to shingles, I have wondered if it would work for that also, although it would only be topical. For a description see http://howtostopcolds.wordpress.com/2012/11/18/stop-cold-sores-before-they-break-out/

    An even more promising remedy I will try if I should ever get shingles is vitamin C by IV or the liposomal type. If you google shingles and vitamin C you will find several references. There is also one saying that B12 injections can be very effective.

    There is a video about intravenous vitamin C curing swine flu and pneumonia at http://www.howtostopcolds.com/resources. Unfortunately, hospitals in the US probably don’t allow it, but you might find a clinic that could.

    Dr. Thomas Levy, MD JD has used vitamin C for numerous conditions. You might want to check the new release articles on orthomolecular.org for more information.

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