poem arising from winter retreat

I participated in a few days of a winter retreat in Charlottesville.  At this retreat, we sat in silence, we played with Zapchen somatics – bringing awareness into the body and as body and we did Dream Play.  This is a way in which someone expresses a dream and the retreat participants get to playContinue reading “poem arising from winter retreat”

The Mani Drubchen 2008 Chronicles – Part 0

This material is copyrighted by me (Kirby Moore).  Reproduction without permission is prohibited.  To support my business and blogging efforts, please visit Kirby’s website. More recently, I have begun teaching Astrology classes on Trauma-Informed Astrology, see http://www.traumainformedastrology.com for more! Thank you for visiting! The first “Our Vast Noble Heart Mani Drubchen” to be held in NorthContinue reading “The Mani Drubchen 2008 Chronicles – Part 0”