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Chenrezig Mandala, TMC Winter Drubchen, Frederick, Md

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The first “Our Vast Noble Heart Mani Drubchen” to be held in North America (in the same style as held at Drikung Til monastery in Tibet) was conducted over Winter Break at the Frederick Maryland Center.  I had the priviledge of being present for the entirety of this retreat. Above is the Sand Mandala from the retreat.  It was in a golden curtained section of the shrine room, hidden from view for the week long duration of the Drubchen.  Hope you enjoy and stay tuned!

In my opinion, the best Drubchen news will be included in Parts 3 and 4, so keep peeking back from time to time to catch it.

Part 1 – arriving, sand mandala / Part 2 – daily routine / Part 3 – losing our voice and the little things / Part 4 – lots of laughter! / Part 5 – other reactions, mysterious mandala / Part 6 – special on prayer wheels and lamas / Part 7 – further reflections


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