Good things are happening! Baby treatment, Lama treatment, reactions

So this has to be the most full spring retreat I have ever done.  Possibly even more full than either of the Mani Drupchens I did up at TMC six years ago!  Many good things are happening and I rejoice. I got to treat another baby that I met up here.  He was induced soContinue reading “Good things are happening! Baby treatment, Lama treatment, reactions”

Dynamic Weekend at the TMC – March 2011

For a few weeks there, we were all fooled into complacency as we thought Spring had definitely sprung! The sap was rising anyway… Over the weekend, we got a light dusting of snow and freezing temps set in, again… arriving Friday, congested drive – avoid rush hour if at all possible! Doh! sleeping in, monasticContinue reading “Dynamic Weekend at the TMC – March 2011”