Summer Solstice (Eclipse) 2020 Impressions

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What does the current summer solstice in June 2020 mean? What are some themes that we should pay attention to at this time?

First we have the Summer Solstice as the Sun moves into the sign of Cancer, meaning the longest day of the year for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere (shortest day for Southern Hemisphere folk). This alone is pretty big. The height of yang energy. From here on, for the next 6 months, yin energy is gradually emerging. What seeds have we planted in the past 6 months? They are coming to fruition now. What seeds do we want to plant now for the Fall or the Winter? Now is the time! Today is a great day if you have rituals for manifesting or working with the seasons and cycles of time (but then, you know that).

Which brings me to an important ritual today – setting intentions. It is a great day to reflect, to contemplate, and meditate on what we want to bring into manifestation in the next 3, 6 or 12 months. This is amplified as we have a New Moon (annular) solar eclipse tomorrow! What is/are my intention(s) for the summer, the rest of this year, for the next full year? Take some time to jot down notes and form a clear intention (realistic, kind, do-able) for the next 6 to 12 months. What is my intention for the next year?

Kirby Moore (and others) on last day of 90-day meditation retreat May 2020

As I mentioned, we have this powerful eclipse in the beginning of the sign of Cancer. Summer Solstice eclipse. Wow! This is another reason to take some time to peer within – pausing, doing a body-scan meditation or a breathing meditation. Here is a link for a great body-scan meditation by one of my teachers (Myrna Martin):

What does the sign of Cancer tell us? To me it is about attachment and aversion. Whether we think of Cancer the Crab or the Turtle (older symbolism), many who know strong Cancerian people know how hard they can hold onto friends, possessions, heirlooms, etc. So when I say attachment, I’m talking grasping, clinging, hoarding. We are now looking at a choice point – individually and as a global phenomenon. Do we go with the old patterns of greed, industry and getting ahead in the world (only protecting our friends and loved ones)? Or are we willing to move into more intuitive, collaborative, in-touch-with-Mother-Earth paradigms?

When we create something new, how hard do we grasp onto it? Do we hold it tightly to our chest, not allowing anyone else to benefit from our creative acumen? Or can we let go just a little bit more, allowing, surrendering, practicing generosity?

The sign of Cancer is all about nurturance and nourishment. How easily do we receive nurturance from others? Of course our history (developmental) will play a big role here. And also how easily do we nurture others? Can we both give and receive nourishment? Can I truly nourish myself? (This is a profound question by the way…)

The sign of Cancer is associated with Ceres or Demeter – the great Earth mother in the Hellenistic Greek pantheon of gods. When we act as mother to someone else (or to our own projects), can we give love and caring and then let go? Can we allow our babies (or our creations) to have some autonomy, some independence, more freedom? Or do we cling tightly to how we want things to be? (yet another profound question…)

How can we change this if we find patterns of tension, clinging and rigidity? First of all, patience – go slow, press pause, take some deep breaths. There is no rush. Softening old deeply engrained patterns (think deeply entrenched grooves in the mind – obviously they are not going to change overnight) takes time. And kindness. And a willingness to know what is true.

We need to start by being gentle with ourselves. If I have an area where I am harsh to myself, then just notice that. “There are those harsh thoughts again, oh boy!” And I can notice my breath, I can wiggle my toes, feel my sits bones on my seat, noticing gravity working its magic on my body. Be gentle, go slow, take a break, we can invite in some kindness to self. And we can lean into support – is there a good somatic therapist in my area? Right now, therapists are working online – we can get support from someone a thousand miles away! We just have to take that first step – to realize “no one is an island” meaning we are social creatures, we require, we are fed by connections with others. If we try to go it alone for too long, our well will dry up. The contours of harshness so pervasive in our society and culture will creep in and we might find ourselves with tight, stuck shoulders, back pain and/or other ailments. Lean into support today!

Also naming, “This is hard!” or saying, “This is overwhelming…” or “I am having a really tough time right now.” Etc. It is so important to be honest about this – then we can start to have more coherence in the nervous system rather than more over-riding overwhelm, over-riding exhaustion, etc. Be honest about what you need (as appropriate of course) – if we are parenting night and day, then seek out support. Seek support anyway.

Just a reminder, I also offer Somatic Experiencing sessions online. Leave a comment or visit my site to sign up for a session –

And this is all happening in the context of the Corona virus crisis (which is still a crisis here in the United States). We are literally stewing (sitting, abiding, resting, living) in an environment of fear and uncertainty. Most of our friends or loved ones are extra strained and stressed right now. Anyone with kids who have been parenting full time, 24/7 since all the schools and day care centers were closed for two+ months, is going to be running on fumes. So self care is extremely important. Can I make time to do some Yin Yoga? Relaxing, restorative yoga? Or Chi Gong / Tai Chi? Or Vipassana meditation? Or just going for a nice 30-minute walk in nature? It is so important that we find alignment and regulation in ourselves. Then maybe we can consider helping others!

And just so you know I am attempting to walk my talk… I joined a group of advanced Qigong practitioners this morning and we did a potent hour together. We set our intentions for the upcoming year. And then chatted about how things are going. Qigong support group! Yay! And I am wrapping up a Gentle Somatics group in the next couple of weeks – leading that has been great! Assisting others to come down out of their heads and to gently and playfully come down into the body is something very precious, very special.

In addition, if you want to attend some (free or by donation) classes – Jay DeMaio is an awesome Qigong teacher – Inquire with him about where you should start. I believe he is teaching three separate classes / week!

Thank you for reading and good luck with this potent and transformative planetary configuration! May we all rest in ease and confidence!

Kirby Moore

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