Quasi-retreat continues, tiny blips wax and wane

Old habits die hard. Right? My “retreat” that I am attempting to conduct in the month of November is starting off pretty well. However, I should admit that this “retreat” is primarily a refraining from any activities which deplete me – namely computer games or binge watching shows (like Netflix type series). Can a time of restraint actually be called a retreat? Not sure, but I’m doing it!

I think for me, that due to the transmissions I have received, whether in Zapchen Somatics or the Buddha-Dharma from Tibetan lineages or somatic awareness from birth process work etc, that just resting in spaciousness might be enough for me. Opening the mind and the heart, slowing down, persisting gently with kindness to myself (listening to my kidneys – what do they want / need / yearn for?) might be enough. 🙂

However, when I can I am doing a teeny tiny bit of refuge practice or meditation as well as the above list. Which is good. When I can, if I am not throwing myself out of balance by doing too much inner light practice (after taking months mostly off from these practices – doing too much would not be kind to my system).

Today I assist in a bodywork class, which is another opportunity to be present with my social nervous system. Smiling, making eye contact, being present with others, maintaining my energetic boundaries while around others, this is all good practice. Plus being in good company is always nourishing.

I haven’t done qigong just yet today, but I’m sure I will do some. I somehow ended up doing an hour of it yesterday! 20 minute morning routine, 20 minutes of the 8 Brocades in the park again (warm sunshine, gentle river sounds) and then before bed last night I did a gentle 20 minute evening qigong routine! Wow! Self care can be fun after all! :^D

Thank you all for reading my wandering musings,

May all beings know boundless equanimity!



Published by Kirby Moore

Kirby Moore is a healing facilitator based in the beautiful rolling hills of Charlottesville, Virginia. He does sessions in-person and long distance via Skype and Zoom, working with Spiritual Astrology, Somatic Experiencing, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and Birth Process Work. His healing work is informed by fifteen years of meditation and Qigong practice. He works with client's intentions and deepest longings to attain clear, tangible results. Contact him for more info at (email): kirby [at] mkirbymoore [dot] com

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