Opening to Channel, pt. 4

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As I mentioned in previous posts on this topic, I have been working with the book “Opening to Channel” by Sanaya Roman.  This is a potent book which can be a great resource if you are ready and willing and committed to open to growth-0riented transformation.  In previous posts, which I would recommend you go back and read if you have not already, I mention a bit of an introduction to channeling and to this book in particular.

After having introduced who the guides are, what channeling looks and feels like, in chapters six through ten, the authors next introduce exercises to move toward channeling.  I was pleasantly surprised by the effects of these meditations.  For instance, the first meditation is one that I skipped due to my personal meditation practice (I have been doing Tibetan Buddhism meditation techniques since 2005).  But I would definitely recommend it for anyone who does not have much experience with meditation or mindfulness.

Then the next meditation is called “Holding a Focus and Concentration.”  I did this meditation once and I was again surprised because it felt a little like some metta-loving-kindness meditations I have done with Buddhist teachers.  In this meditation you focus on one positive quality which you would like to bring more into your life – for instance love, compassion, joy or peace.  Then they guide you through the process of sitting with it, asking poignant questions about what your life would look like with more of that quality in abundance and then they coach you through feeling it.  Quite potent, so they only recommend starting out with five minute segments.

Having my previous experience with meditation, I was not blown away yet by any of the meditations introduced in the book up to this point.  And actually, at first I skipped over the next meditation (in error, thinking it was petty).  Then after talking with a friend who channels, they said that I should definitely give it a try.  The meditation is called “Attuning with Life Force Energy.”  In this meditation, you sit for a while, get calm and centered.  Then when you are ready, you pick up a crystal and just sit with it for a few minutes.  You sense into the crystal, attempting to get a response or an impression from doing so.  Once you have tried for a while or once you receive impressions, you pause, take a rest and then you do the same thing again with another crystal.  They recommend trying it with an amethyst and a quartz.

This is where I started to be amazed.  Yes, I have been trained as a scientist believe it or not.  So the empirical part of me baulked at communicating with a crystal – seriously??  But sure enough, once I quieted my mind and my heart, I definitely got a response from the amethyst.  It told me I was holding it too tight.  And yes, that information came to me as quite a surprise!  Then it told me that in future sessions together it would tell me who and what it specialized in healing.  Again, further information that I did not expect.  I have known for some time that amethyst is considered by many cultures as having healing qualities, but to communicate directly with a deep, dark purple crystal?  Wow!

When I tried this exercise with the quartz crystal, I did not get such a direct message, but I definitely understood that the quartz was a type of recording device.  It indicated that if I put a quartz crystal in a room, I can get a sense of what has been happening around the crystal by connecting with it later.

The next exercise is called “Trance Posture and Position.”  I am not a fan of the word “trance” in this context.  I think it connotes a loss of consciousness.  But this is not true in the least.  For me, I did this meditation and I was amazed at what I experienced – it felt about as good as any Mahamudra meditation (spaciousness) I had done up to that point.  And in my “trance,” I stayed present in my body and in my consciousness.  And by this point, one is getting closer to channeling.

I would recommend that if you have difficulty with any of these exercises that you take your time with them.  Try them again a few days later.  Give yourself time to rest.  For me, I think I may have had a bit of a leg up – especially considering I have encountered the guides and light-beings in the past when I had my appendectomy surgery.  Plus I have been meditating for quite some time now.  And to top this off, in 2003 and 2004, I explored shamanic journeying and I experienced very easy rapid results from journeying down into my lower world.

I do want to be explicitly clear here though.  I do not equate channeling one’s guides with shamanic journeying.  For me, they are incredibly different – almost completely.  When we do a shamanic journey, we do not know who is going to show up.  Sure, we can intend to work with high guides or with guides who want to benefit of and others.  And yes, we may even attract a higher guide.  But how can we know that this is the guide with whom we made our plan before we took incarnation?  For me, shamanic journeying was insightful and fantastical, but it was not as empowering as I find working directly with my higher guide(s) to be.

I will pause here and continue soon with the next exercises from the book and with my responses to them.

Thank you for reading!


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