Opening to Channel, pt. 3, continued intro

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If you are starting out with this page, please go back and read the previous two posts as I introduce my personal process of wrapping my head around the concept of channeling.  You will get more background information that way.  Enjoy!

So up to this point I have introduced the topic of channeling one’s guides.  And I have explored my personal hang-ups with channeling.  And I am continuing to gradually work through the material.  So now I will start to get into the book and my personal process with doing the exercises described within its marvelous covers.

The book “Opening to Channel” by Sanaya Roman is quite a positive and potentially life-changing resource.  At first, I noticed great reserves of resistance and fear around the idea of working with my guides, but now I am slowly coming around to the possibility that I might just be able to do it!

What are some of those fears I noticed?  Well, easy.  I was worried that I would be “taken over” by a guide and I would forget everything from the session.  This idea of loss of control is incredibly scary to me.  But thankfully in the first few chapters of the book, Roman and fellow author Duane Packer, dispel many fears and mistaken beliefs around the concept of channeling.  I was also worried that working with high-frequency guides would lead to my health starting to become frail or to unravel because I do not like the idea of a huge disparity between frequencies passing through my body.  As an analogy, think about life as most of us know it, to be like walking around our environs and the worst shock we ever experience to be like shuffling your feet on a thick carpet on a dry winter day – you can generate a painful spark and shock just using static electricity right?  Well, I figured that channeling must be like sticking a metal crowbar into a high-voltage transfer station – not quite getting struck by lightening – but definitely enough to permanently change your world.  Was I right?  Nope.

Like I was saying, in the first five chapters, Roman and Packer unpack what exactly it means to channel a high-frequency, loving, compassionate guide.  And do you know one of the things that sold me on the work?  As I was reading the channeled section of the book (Roman and Packer channeled much of the meaty portions of the book), their guides said that if you are working with a higher guide, then that guide should always wish you unconditional love, compassion, joy and peace.  And guess what the four immeasurables are in Buddhism?  Loving-kindness, skillful compassion, sympathetic joy and equanimity without indifference.  I was sold!

In the first five chapters, the authors cover, who are the guides?, what is channeling?, what is conscious channeling?, what is channeling in trance?, what does channeling look like?, what is the difference between a high-frequency guide and a lower entity?, etc.  They effectively dispel many mistaken beliefs right there in the first few chapters.  And thank goodness, or someone like me would put the book down!

Then they cover the getting ready to channel material.  And I think this is where I will take a break for today (three posts might be enough for now).  In my next post, I will describe my experience of going through their exercises for this potentially life-altering material.

Thanks for reading!


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