Saturn entering Scorpio, pt Two, Scorpio Rising

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This post is a part of a series on Saturn.  You can find more posts about Saturn in the Spiritual Astrology category of this blog.

This post will primarily be for you Scorpio Risings out there.  But keep in mind, that most of you who have Scorpio Rising (Ascendant), will have Saturn in your 12th house right now, so part of this post will be for that area.  Also, I wrote two more extensive posts previously about Saturn in the 12th.  Glance back through the Spiritual Astrology category to see more about that.  Because the Rising sign plays such an important role in determining who we are (it is what we wear, appearance; it has to do with our inherited health, inherited geneology, genetic health; it has to do with what we are growing into as we mature; and the Rising sign is what we share with people who we know and trust), I am also going to suggest that this post will have a little bit of extra significance for those with their Sun in Scorpio.

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As a little tangent, which you may or may not be tired of hearing about by now  :-), astrology is a very complex subject.  If you know your chart well, you are in the minority of the Western population.  Unfortunately the mainstream media has done a solid job of squelching authentic astrology, or by simply posting the vague horoscopes (no disrespect here), it gives astrology a hollow vapid reputation.  So if you do not know what your Rising Sign is, it is definitely worth looking into.  I can do your Spiritual Astrology interpretation if you would like (see my website or the Astrology page here).

Back to our subject at hand.  It is my intention to superficially touch on what Saturn in Scorpio means to those with Scorpio Rising.  This is because without knowing the rest of your chart, this description may be very accurate, or just moderately close.  And, I intend to mention a little about psychological aspects, health aspects and potential events.

Because we are dealing with Scorpio (and Pluto by association), I am going to just tell it like it is.  Sorry if this blows anyone’s mind.  But I think Scorpio prefers it this way.

What does Scorpio Rising mean in general?  According to Isabel Hickey, Scorpio is one of the more difficult Ascendants, because you have a lot of bound up power.  Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, which is a very subconscious and even unconscious energy.  It requires work and effort to unwind and unearth our gems of psychological insight and self-awareness with Scorpio on the 1st house.  Plus Hickey mentions that there are basically two types of Scorpios (Rising) – the Saint or the Devil.  You choose what you do with your power, and there is very little gray in this case.  I usually do not like to dwell in such black and white terms, but I think she has a point.  Here is why: just about all Scorpio Rising people go through a significant trial or challenge.  It usually involves being wounded or traumatized early, whether sexually, emotionally or psychologically (or it could simply mean a very significant birth trauma which takes years to unpack). Generally speaking, I think most massive tests of Scorpio Rising people happen before they are eight years old (the developmental years), however, I have also known some Scorpio Rising people to come out of substance abuse with a lot of strength and resolve. So the biggest test is probably behind you, but if you are living your life in reaction or like a pinball, just bouncing from encounter to encounter without a lot of consciousness around your motivation, choices or intentions, then maybe you have a big test in front of you as well.

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So the real question is what do you do with your heart after that wounding.  It is really very easy to become “me first” oriented, to close up and become manipulative, to become like the people who wounded you.  It is also relatively easy, and maybe even fun for a while, to become a victim – “poor me,” “my wounding was worse than yours,” etc etc.  And it can take some time to sift through our psychological layers.  I think it is the rare Scorpio Rising, who has dealt with a significant wound, and always maintained a kind heart.  This is just difficult to do.  The ego does not want to be kind after something like that.  This is why it is Saint or Devil – because there is so much power bound up in Scorpio.  This sign has the potential to purify a ton of negative karma in this lifetime (which is quite a blessing) and the theory is that if the soul was not strong enough, it would not have chosen this sign on the Ascendant!  Hopefully by the time they are 40 or 50, most Scorpio Risings have done some big healing work and are moving toward saintly behavior, dissolving the manipulative, devious wounds through deeper understanding and acceptance.  It is important to bring illumination to your shadow material with this sign Rising.  And in my work with healing facilitation, we must feel it to heal it, meaning we can definitely shift our body on a deep cellular level, but we need someone who has been there and done that (and who we trust and who knows what they are doing). To reiterate, to do most resilience-building healing work, we have to work with a qualified professional, someone we trust, who has appropriate training, etc.

Let’s lighten the conversation as that was pretty heavy stuff.  🙂  But I think it is shadow material that some people need to hear.  But now I will discuss Saturn in the 12th, moving toward the 1st house.

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Saturn in the 12th House speaks of an old cycle resolving, completing, which means the inevitable beginning of a new direction.  Whenever any planet crosses the Ascendant, there is a fresh start, the beginning of a new cycle, a re-birth as it were.  And of all the planets transiting the Ascendant, Saturn makes for a serious fresh start.  Only Uranus and the Progressed Moon play an equal or more significant role when it comes to crossing the Ascendant (and of course Pluto and Neptune are strong in this regard, but not everyone gets to experience these transits in their lifetime).  When Saturn is in our 12th house, we might make some decisions which are very strange to our friends and family.  This is because we feel something intuitively – something has got to go, and it may come as a shock to some of our close ones.  But generally that which we release with Saturn in the 12th is usually beneficial in the long run.  Of course it is important to have a mentor, someone you trust to bounce ideas off of, because the 12th house can also be the area of life where we work against ourselves – occasionally we can be our own worst enemy! (Especially if you have Saturn in your 12th house in your Natal Chart.)  So if you are feeling really confused about what direction to head in life, especially with Saturn in your 12th house, then it would be wise to get some coaching or mentoring or counseling.  Make certain you are as clear as possible (keeping in mind that much of this house happens unconsciously!).

Continued in the next post.  Thanks for reading.


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3 thoughts on “Saturn entering Scorpio, pt Two, Scorpio Rising

  1. Hi Kirby, many thanks for the reply, and I sourced the two posts you replied with…very good. Also, thanks for the Somatic recommendation; I may just do that. Happy and safe travels to you.

    Kind regards,

  2. Hello Kirby, excellent articles re Saturn in Scorpio. I am, at this moment, experiencing transiting Saturn exactly conjunct my 21 degree Scorpio ascendant. The last two years of my life have been like a hurricane and a tsunami – my whole life washed away in front of my eyes…but, I sense this is all necessary for my next cycle. It’s not at all easy – I’;ve been experiencing major depression and anxiety for the past couple of years, but, somehow, with Saturn now on my asc, I am sensing a turning of the corner in life, if this makes sense.

    You wrote above:
    “Also, I wrote two more extensive posts previously about Saturn in the 12th. Glance back through the Spiritual Astrology category to see more about that.”

    Where exactly do I find this post of yours about Saturn in the 12th? I’ve been searching your site with no success. Can you provide a link, please? Many thanks, and again, great articles – they’re right on the money.

    John – Toronto, Canada

    1. Hi John, I think I was referring the two posts entitled “A Buddhist View of the 12th house.” You might find some insights in there… I am presently traveling and will be busy for some time to come. If you want to set up an astrology interpretation, let me know. Also, if your depression and anxiety persist, you might want to consider adding a practitioner of Somatic Experiencing to your Health Team. I have been seeing and experiencing amazing results with this modality. I hope this is at least a bit helpful.
      Best wishes,

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