Assessing Zero Balancing Day 3

Wow!  I have to say that writing the post soon after receiving a treatment is best.  Because this way I will remember the key points I want to jot down  🙂 Also, I want to state for the record, that receiving 3 sessions of ZB is necessary – vital.  Do it.  Go.  Now.  Having receivedContinue reading “Assessing Zero Balancing Day 3”

Charlottesville Practitioners

In Charlottesville, we are blessed with an abundance of quality healing facilitators.  Whether you want Acupuncture, or Craniosacral Therapy or Zero Balancing or Chiropractors or Energy work (and much more!), we seem to have it.  This is a very short list of people I have attended within the past few years.  All are quality practitionersContinue reading “Charlottesville Practitioners”