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I am working on a flier for a workshop that is being held down in Portsmouth Virginia April 5th-8th 2019 (Friday through Monday). I know it will come up upon us quickly!

It is going to be an introduction, so just about anyone can attend (there is an in-take form and moderate screening through that). Working with the Autonomic Nervous System, being introduced to the subtleties of the fight-flight or freeze sympathetic branch, the rest-and-digest healthy parasympathetic branch and the new-research based social nervous system branch, it will be both educational (informative) and practical in terms of experiential tools for self-regulation.

We will be working with the Skin and Boundaries, with the Fascia and connective tissue and completing the workshop by gradually touching on and relaxing the kidneys and adrenals.

My preference is for people with some experience in bodywork, massage, psychotherapy, yoga, mindfulness or medicine to take the workshop. But anyone who wants to learn tools for deepening embodiment can attend.

Leave me a comment if you want to learn more! It will be held at the Sattvic Space in Portsmouth Va April 5th – 8th (Friday evening through Monday afternoon). Their website is

The workshop should be up on their calendar soon – we just completed a flier for it! Yay! Spread the word if you know anyone who might be interested down in the Tidewater Area.

Thank you!



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