Urban Dharma, Asheville North Carolina

So I got to spend a couple days with friends and Sangha members in North Carolina. It was very pleasant – fulfilling, relaxing and potent. I had heard much about Urban Dharma, having seen it in its planning stages and hearing about all the developments, but I had yet to visit – either Asheville orContinue reading “Urban Dharma, Asheville North Carolina”

North Carolina pilgrimage in Asheville

Who’d’ve thunk it? Going on a Buddhist pilgrimage in North Carolina… Well that’s right! One does not instantly think of Buddhism when N.C. is mentioned. But I am here to attend teachings by Khenpo Choephel at Urban Dharma in Asheville NC. And to rest down in the midst of everything! Picking up Khenpo from theContinue reading “North Carolina pilgrimage in Asheville”

North Carolina pilgrimage

I’m on day two of a journey to Urban Dharma, a new Dharma Center in Asheville. I don’t know a whole lot about the center just yet. I have been told many good things, but I’m going for myself, to investigate (and to spend quality time with friends and to receive authentic Dharma teachings). ForContinue reading “North Carolina pilgrimage”