About Nagas

This is a post about the spirits known as Nagas. Also known as Lu in Tibetan. I need to start out by saying that any errors from my transcription are purely my own. They do not reflect on the teacher. This information comes from Lama Dawa who is a Nyingma Lama, and other lineages ofContinue reading “About Nagas”

Heading to Naga Puja teachings

Today the decision was made for me to head to these (it turns out) great teachings. Let me set some context here for a moment. Over the past few days I have not been taking the greatest care of my body. I have been frustrated with lack of progress on the “acquiring a job” front,Continue reading “Heading to Naga Puja teachings”

Guru Yoga, at least two benefits of doing practice

I am writing this post to describe my experience of Guru Yoga practice.  I am a novice practitioner.  I do not have any experience or realization, so read on at your discretion! There have been at least two occasions however when I have done Guru Yoga practice and very soon thereafter I have had smallContinue reading “Guru Yoga, at least two benefits of doing practice”