Back at the Dharma Center, brief reprieve

Hello Dear Readers, I am back at the Tibetan Meditation Center in Maryland. Just taking a short break, enjoying good company with friends and the lamas up here – Khenpo Tsultrim and Lama Rigdzin. They are very generous – they are treating me like an honored guest. Of course I am happy to offer themContinue reading “Back at the Dharma Center, brief reprieve”

Frisbee with His Holiness

This is a truncated version of a full full week of teachings with His Holiness, the Chetsang Rinpoche and Drikung Kyabgon.  The original teachings and most events centered around the Nairatmya practice, however there was more.  I was on the team of organizers for the event, so I was extremely busy busy busy.  Yet anotherContinue reading “Frisbee with His Holiness”