Don (obstacle) season, 10 days

I have written about this topic in the past.  I definitely experience this time of year (a time before the Tibetan new year – Losar – where things need to be reconsidered at best, and I often have to slow down to get through it with a modicum of ease).  Not everyone is going toContinue reading “Don (obstacle) season, 10 days”

Happy Lo Sar (Tibetan New Year)!

Happy New Year, people who practice Tibetan Buddhism celebrate a new Lunar calendar while they mourn those Tibetans who stood up for their faith and their truth and were killed.  I find it fascinating how the Tibetans commemorate their country-folk by not celebrating, although this makes sense.  For instance, if my beloved family members wereContinue reading “Happy Lo Sar (Tibetan New Year)!”