Oahu, second leg

After several fun filled and packed days on the Big Island, I had two days on Oahu, to catch my breath before flying back to California. Considering my intention of this overall retreat / vacation is to rest down and relax, I really needed some down time. I told my Dad this fact, and heContinue reading “Oahu, second leg”

Big Island, day three

Day three found me pondering whether or not to do the hike we had planned. Let’s just put it like this, at times, I can be terrified of heights. And the description of the hike was an acrophobe’s worst nightmare. It went something like this: the hike is pleasant for the first several miles, goingContinue reading “Big Island, day three”

The Big Island, day two

Having arrived in that curious new world, I was anxious to explore, or rather, anxious to revisit old stomping grounds. Back in 2005, in what was to be an incredibly potent and magical year for me, I visited the Big Island for a week. In that time, I swam with the dolphins (where I wasContinue reading “The Big Island, day two”

The Big Island, part one

I spent four full days on the volcano isle, aka the first chakra of the Hawaiian islands.  I stayed with a friend in Hawi (“Hawvi”).  This is the rainy north west tip of the island.  And when I say rainy, wow!  It seemed to shower every hour or two. Pretty cool hearing pattering off theContinue reading “The Big Island, part one”