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I have been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupressure since February of 2018, and I am continually amazed by how potent this modality can be. Within Acupressure, there are dozens of acu-point formulas we can choose from. Some benefit individual meridians – the Liver formula for instance. While other formulas benefit certain body parts – the upper back formula in this case. And there are four formulas that work with the Extraordinary Meridians. Today I will discuss the benefits of using the Regulator Formula – which includes both the Yin and Yang Regulator Channels (also known as Yin Wei Mai and Yang Wei Mai in Chinese).

Let’s unpack what I just said. The Yin and Yang Regulators are two of the Eight Extraordinary Meridians or Curious Flows in the body. The Extraordinary Meridians are the deeper energy wells or reservoirs from which the 12 Principle Meridians draw energy when in need or into which they can drain off their excess energy. These potent energy channels (the Extraordinary Vessels) form first in the womb – in utero, and it is important that they stay vital and robust.

When I take a client’s acupuncture pulses (in the wrist – we can read the pulses, six of the Principle Meridians on the left and six on the right), if I feel that they have some Meridians that are strong or excessive while others are weak or depleted, then the Regulator Formula is what I think of first.

Why is that? Because this is apart of its function – to regulate all the Yin meridians (in the case of the Yin Regulator) or all the Yang meridians in the case of the Yang Regulator. If a Yin meridian is too full, the Yin Regulator can take some excess Chi; if too weak or depleted, the Yin Regulator can give some Chi to strengthen or tonify it. The Liver, Heart, Kidney, Spleen, Pericardium and Lungs are all Yin meridians. The Gall Bladder, Small Intestine, Bladder, Stomach, Triple Burner and Large Intestine are the Principle Yang meridians.

Let’s say I feel that they have excessive Chi in the Metal element (Lungs and Large Intestine), depleted Earth element, depleted ministerial Fire element (Pericardium and Triple Burner) and strong or excessive pulses for the rest of their meridians, then the Regulator formula is probably going to benefit them.

Of course, if their symptoms are pointing directly at another formula – for instance if they are having trouble with mental clarity or decision making, along with having strong irritability, connective tissue problems and/or possibly even some eye issues, then I would first look to work with the Liver / Gall Bladder. All of these issues that I mention are Wood Element issues.

But if a client has a number of symptoms or issues that correlate with several different organ systems, then working with the Extraordinary Meridians is a great place to start! Then we have to narrow it down – because there are basically four paired Vessels (four Yin and four Yang) when it comes to the Extraordinary Meridians. In general though, when I take someone’s pulses and they come back up and down – excessive and depleted – then I want to look at the Regulator Formula or possibly the Bridge Formula (also known as the Connector or Motility Channels).

And when I do acupressure with clients who have done a good deal of personal growth work – they have come down out of their heads somewhat, shifted to be in their bodies and they are more sensitive to energy work – I love how fast they typically respond to the Regulator Formula. In half a dozen clients now, I have gotten their pulse readings initially, prior to doing any acupressure. Then we do the 48 minute Regular Formula – and if there is time – we might do a centering formula or a short formula like the Pericardium. Then at the end, we take their pulses again to see if anything has changed.

Keep in mind that the acupuncture pulses are a window into where those meridians / organs are currently at. If they have significant depletion, whether from chronic stress, or poor diet, or chronic insomnia, etc, then you might not think you can make a significant change in just 50 minutes. But with some clients, it happens! It is amazing! Maybe they started with a strong / excessive Lung / Large Intestine (Metal Element) meridian pulse, and maybe the Spleen / Stomach (Earth element) meridians were very weak or depleted, occasionally, after just one session of acupressure, the Metal meridians come down (are sedated) and the Earth meridians come up (are tonified). So they are both more harmonious.

Sometimes, due to any number of reasons, someone will have depleted Pericardium and Kidney meridian pulses. I find these are the most challenging meridians (especially when they are both depleted) to bring up (tonify) in one session. I usually chat with these clients about lifestyle choices, dietary needs and tools to work with stress / self care as a way for them to start building resilience. In these cases, it might take more like three to seven sessions to have their Kidney / Pericardium meridian pulses feel normal again.

With that said, it is still amazing that we can shift our body back toward harmony in just one or a few sessions. I love working with Acupressure and I have even done some long distance sessions – working with Chi is mainly working with intention. In-person sessions might be best, but I have learned to send Chi over long distance when appropriate.

Thank you for reading!

Kirby Moore

Konchog Chakchen


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Shiatsu is a form of Japanese Acupressure which runs Chi and energy (light) through the client’s meridians leading to relaxation, harmonious energy flow and greater vitality. The pressure used is more firm than traditional acupressure (which primarily works with light touch focusing more on the Chi transfer than the pressure).

I learned Shiatsu in massage school – as I went to a very Chinese Medicine focused massage training program in the sacred Sangre de Christo mountains of Colorado – the Crestone Healing Arts Center. It was interesting though – in massage school Shiatsu was my least favorite modality.

It requires a sharp mind, mindful focus and focused energy work. In Shiatsu we are pushing little spheres of light into the client’s meridian system, which is what leads to such incredible relaxation and in some cases, enhanced chi sensations (more on this later). And Shiatsu is very rhythmic – inhale, shift hand / acu-point positions, exhale, firm pressure in, find a still point, count one-one-thousand, inhale, shift… etc. And we do this for 50 mins or more straight! Running all the 12 Principle Meridians!

So let’s just say in massage school I got nervous and I had trouble maintaining that pace and rhythm for more than 5 or 10 minutes. If the mind of the practitioner starts to drift off, the rhythm changes and the client will probably notice (unless they are in a healing trance which happens quite often these days).

When I got back to Virginia over a year ago, I wasn’t sure if or how much I would use Shiatsu at all, especially considering my cantankerous relationship with it in school. Then I started experimenting with muscle testing my clients to see which modality would be most beneficial for them in that session (consider I offer about eight or nine modalities, this created a quick easy method for assessing what might serve them most). And if I wasn’t sure what modality they would need that day, it invariably nearly always came up as Shiatsu!

So now I offer Shiatsu at least once or twice a week. And it is not my specialty! I would say working with the Vagus Nerve – the Polyvagal System – the Autonomic Nervous System settling and resourcing is my specialty. Along with offering Craniosacral Therapy. Plus I offer Deep Tissue and Hot Stones massages. And if you are regular reader, you would know I have been doing astrology for years (since 2004). So Shiatsu is a little bit lower on the pecking order, and yet I find it to be the most settling, integrating and harmonizing of everything I offer.

If I do a deeper session with someone in the Vagus work, then I usually do one or two sessions without emotional process involved, meaning I will do a pure Craniosacral session (less talking involved) or I will muscle check them to see if Shiatsu or Acupressure would be ideal.

In other words, if someone needs to calm down, I offer Shiatsu. If someone is feeling stressed and anxious, I definitely consider offering Shiatsu. If someone has just gotten back from a long journey and they are jet-lagged, I offer Shiatsu… You get the picture!

Recently, with a few clients, when I do Shiatsu, toward the end of the session, I am sending positive well-wishing toward their pituitary and pineal glands (in the brain). And this means I am imagining light streaming from my hands down into their endocrine glands. And with a couple of clients in particular, who have done a lot of their own personal growth work, something amazing happened!

With one, who has done a ton of yoga and energy work, when I did this, their pituitary gland lit up like a prism and it cascaded the light I was sending to it down in a rainbow colored shower throughout their body! It was incredible! Definitely first time I witnessed that! They commented later that it was the most amazing Shiatsu they had ever received…

And another person, with whom I did a similar type of technique toward the end of the session, I was aware that their Brahma aperture was opening. Afterward I actually commented saying, “You know at the end there, when I was sending light and Chi into your endocrine system, it felt like your skylight was opening. The crown chakra was opening.” And they said, “Yes, that was a weird sensation. I’m glad you mentioned it, it wasn’t just me imagining things.” !!!

Pretty incredible for a modality I almost abandoned! I love Chinese Medicine, in school we had to memorize more than 120 acu-points and I use most of those during a Shiatsu session. First we do the head (face down), then the back, arms, hips, legs – including all the 12 Principle Meridians there (the Lung meridian, the Heart, the Kidney meridian, the Spleen, Stomach, Liver, etc etc). There is even an abdominal portion called Masunaga (named after the creator of it). This can be very powerful as well because most of us sweep uncomfortable emotions under the carpet… and it turns out the abdomen is where those unexpressed emotions end up! Better to shine some light on those shadowy areas than to let them fester and ferment behind walls of repressive psychic energy… (in my humble opinion).

So give Shiatsu a try sometime! It is an amazing modality with therapeutic results. At worst you will be more relaxed. At best, the sky is the limit as far as what you might experience!

Thank you for reading!


P.S. Not to brag too much… You may not get all of these benefits above from all practitioners of Shiatsu… I bring a daily meditation practice, a weekly Qigong session and years of doing personal growth work – cleaning and clearing my meridians and energy channels, allowing a powerful circuit for Chi life-force energy to flow to my clients.

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