a mystic in paradise, part ten, volcanic excitement

Hello Dear Ones,

I woke up this morning (on Oahu) to exciting news that Mauna Loa – the largest volcano in the world (from a certain perspective) – was erupting! It has been swelling with lava for the past few years and since September, there have been thousands of micro-earthquakes. So people knew the eruption was coming – they just weren’t sure if it was weeks, months or years. Turned out to be weeks!

So I am safe. I’m on a different island from the volcano. We might see some volcanic fog (vog) here on Oahu. But we are about 200 miles away.

The crazy thing is that I was just there (on the Big Island). I spent three nights in Ocean View – a fascinating neighborhood on the south-western part of the island, and I went swimming in Miloli’i (a village about 30 miles south of Kona). At present, they don’t know if or when or where the lava will go. (Some eruptions just stay up near the summit.) But it is possible the eruption might affect the areas where I spent some time. I pray no one has to evacuate, but obviously those people need to have a plan in place and be prepared!

I drove over the Saddle Road (see my previous posts) just 5 days ago, on my way to the Hilo airport. And from there, I was a mere few miles from Mauna Loa’s summit. It did feel eerily quiet while I was up there. And some locals knew it might erupt soon. I mentioned how the USGS site had said an eruption was not imminent, but they countered saying, “the mountain is swelling with lava – it might erupt soon!” They were obviously right.

I will get back to my regular journaling of my adventures in the next post.

Thanks for following along!

Kirby Moore

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