Pluto or Minerva in the U.S. chart

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Where do we stand as a nation? I have tried to stay out of politics for a number of reasons. Including that as a business owner and as healing facilitator, I want to be able to benefit all sentient beings. I want to offer support to anyone who authentically seeks it out.

But enough is enough. Now that the US Commander in Chief has added a war crime to his list of atrocities, I feel like it is time to take a stand. And honestly, hate has no place in my office or being associated with my business.

The United States is currently going through its massive astrological aspect of Pluto returning to its original position (which was 27 degrees Capricorn back in 1776). Pluto makes its return every 248 years or so, therefore, this is a huge deal! The last time Pluto and Saturn were conjunct in the sign of Capricorn was back in 1512 or so, around the time of Martin Luther’s Reformation.

And it appears the President is attempting to take the United States down into his narrow, stuck, xenophobic, gated-community horrifying world. To have hundreds of options on the table, including actual dialogue and diplomacy… and then to take one of the most extreme actions by doing what many consider to be an act of war… this is lunacy pure and simple.

And yet, somehow this feels like exactly what the U.S. needs right now. We have swept so many personal (to the USA) atrocities under the rug for so long now – what we did to the Indigenous Peoples, including in Hawaii and Alaska, what we did to the Japanese during WWII, what we do to our minorities, race relations, wealth inequality, the dumbing down of education for the past 50 years, and more! It is now time for the US to pay its karmic debt. As Pluto is one of the two Lords of Karma, this seems fitting.

I don’t want the President to stay in power. That is frightening – we don’t want an unstable, impulsive maniac having access to the nuclear launch codes. And it would awesome if 20 Republicans in the Senate grew some integrity and said enough is enough. That would be terrific. But would it be something US politicians of the past 20 years would do? The trends say “no.” Not many people see this soon to be current volcanic eruption coming. If I was a Republican without any foresight or tools of divination, I would want to protect my own back as well. It is political suicide to go against our xenophobe in chief.

Therefore, things are going to get worse before they get better. Wish there was an easier way of saying that.

Here is the silver lining. Pluto is a binary planet. Its large “moon” is called Charon and many esoteric astrologers say that it represents Minerva, the goddess of wisdom and healing. On one hand we have the tyrannical, monstrous Lord of the Underworld and on the other we have the Speaker-of-Truth-to-Power goddess of healing. And both are represented by the same planet in astrology.

We are at a tipping point. Do we stay dissociated, frozen in fear and shock? Or do we mobilize? March on the national Capital? Or state capitals? Do we say enough is enough? Do we take care of everyone in our country, or just the wealthy few?

It is time to do our work, and to come out of our shells. Time to be in our hearts and potency as we show that monsters cannot be protected, cannot be allowed to rule with an iron-(children-in-cages)-fist.

The US’ karmic debtors are coming knocking. If the President continues on his current trajectory, even his own party will abandon him. But will it be too late?

Saturn crosses the natal US Pluto in late January of 2020 – this month. Jan / Feb should be a trying time for our nation. To say politics will get “chippy” is an understatement.

Pray for us! And may all sentient beings realize that all things eventually resolve in peace. ❤

Thank you for reading!

Kirby Moore

Konchog Chakchen


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