Quantum Leaps in Consciousness part 2

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This is a continuation of a post from earlier. I would highly recommend going back and reading that previous post first. Otherwise you will miss helpful context.

In the previous post, I discuss what a Quantum Leap in Consciousness looks like. An example might be, “for years I was worried about money, rarely ever having abundance, and occasionally living from paycheck-to-paycheck, but then after doing some work on myself and being well aware of this issue, I work with a teacher / coach / mentor / therapist / Guru who helps me to realize that A. this pattern is an inherited pattern from my ancestors (meaning it isn’t specifically mine) and / or B. that when I relax and do spiritual practice to connect with Source that abundance is all there is (and / or C. there is another cause of this deep fear-of-lack belief and I am willing and able to devote the time to do the work). Once I realize that and begin putting that advice into practice, then the Quantum Leap in Consciousness has occurred. I can rest in ease and grace and abundance on a more regular basis (keeping in mind the work that was done earlier which laid the foundation for this shift).

In the previous post, I discussed one container in which I see Quantum Leaps in Consciousness occur fairly regularly – that is the Womb Surround Birth Process Workshop. Go back and read the previous post if you have not done so yet 🙂

Next I will discuss how I am fortunate to have met a secret yogi. Defining what a secret yogi means could be an entire other post… so keeping it simple, let’s just say I met a fellow spiritual practitioner who has done a ton of work on themselves. And enough work to be able to see the energy (kundalini) move through chakras, and to have a very sophisticated divination system such that they can tell exactly what one is working on and give specific advice regarding it.

In every post in this theme of Leaps in Consciousness, I believe I will always come back to this fact: we must put the causes and conditions into place to achieve results. Even if those results seem “magical” or “immediate” or “surprising and serendipitous,” there is a good chance we put in the time and effort in the past to achieve those results now. What does this mean? What I am saying is that if you just state an intention saying, “I want to change this pattern which has been around a long time.” This is a good start. Because it shows you are willing and ready to make a shift. However, it might be better to say, even if you are skeptical of receiving assistance, “Wisdom beings, angels, guides, healthy ancestors, and / or wisdom company… please give me assistance and support for working through this pattern. Please have the support that I need manifest swiftly in my life.” That is a powerful prayer. This prayer is already beginning the process of putting the cause of change into effect. Then the conditions would need to be met – meeting a skillful guide or practitioner who can competently and compassionately point you in the right direction, or who can point out why you might have that pattern and how you can change it, etc.

In other words, there will always be a “reason” for receiving divine assistance or unexpected support or magical serendipity! We put the causes and conditions into place previously and now we are reaping the rewards. It is a cosmic law – if we create the causes, then when the conditions are ripe, the result will follow. This is true about virtuous conduct leading to happiness and non-virtuous conduct leading to suffering. And true about making changes on a deep belief or attitudinal level.

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Back to the story from above. So I am fortunate to have met with a secret yogi in this lifetime (and not to mention the countless public yogis who I count as my heart teachers – namely Tibetan Lamas and a few Western teachers as well). Why do I mention the Quantum Leap of Consciousness when thinking about this secret yogi? Because he showed me some things I really can’t explain any other way. I realize the word Quantum is cliched and vague… Perhaps a better word will begin to emerge.

Not exactly knowing what to expect the first time I went to chat with this spiritual friend… I was sitting across the table from him. We discussed Dharma practice, Qigong and more. And during my conversation with him, he explained two things, blessings as it were, and then conferred them upon me.

I had not received a Shaktipat previous to that meeting. I had heard the term tossed about regarding Indian Yoga Gurus, but hadn’t put much thought into what it meant. The first blessing my spiritual friend gave me was a Shaktipat – like a big download of light and love in the form of an energetic blessing. Keep in mind he was sitting across the table from me and never actually touched me.

I just relaxed and allowed what is to be (in other words I was doing my best to surrender). And the blessing definitely came across! It only took a few minutes. My eyes were closed, so I’m not sure what exactly (if anything external at all) he was doing. But when we was finished, I was in a wild altered state. I literally was light headed and a little woozy. It took me about 5 – 10 minutes to find my feet. It was an incredible, ease-filled, effortless blissful experience. And in spite of him giving me the Shaktipat a couple hours before I was going to be driving again… I missed my exit on the way home and drove an hour out of my way! In spite of that part of road being normally very familiar to me! He definitely filled my container though and I felt that blessing for weeks afterward.

Then the second blessing he gave me was to assess the kundalini flow through my chakras. I don’t want to say too much, but from across the table again – about 30 – 45 minutes after giving me the first blessing, he adjusted and cleaned out one of my chakras. And I literally felt like a chiropractor was adjusting the spine at that level of my body! It was crazy! How could he do that without touching me?! I am still amazed months later.

Then he gave me advice as to how to tidy up negative karma on a daily basis (Vajrasattva or Dorje Sempa mantras). He said doing 21 mantras before going to sleep would eliminate the interest accrued on my negative karma for that day. And doing 108 mantras would purify the negative karma from that day.

Next he explained the countless benefits of doing a Tsok feast offering, a.k.a. the Ganachakra feast offering. Especially for people who have taken certain initiations in Tibetan Buddhism. So I started doing those practices on a monthly basis (and I felt the benefits pretty quickly!).

Finally he gave me some suggestions of asanas to work on – specific asanas for each chakra. And I’m pretty sure they have helped to open them, and allow the kundalini energy to flow smoothly through them. I’m not sure when they will be open all the way, but I’m certainly looking forward it! And honestly my mind is already beginning to shift (another Quantum Shift) – I find myself with less worries, more spontaneity and greater presence in the moment!

Thank you for reading!



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