Dreams say I’m on the right track; signed up for SEP training

Hello dear readers!

I just completed the application today to begin Somatic Experiencing training in Roanoke in March. It is a serious commitment – 3 years, 8 modules, 12 sessions, 12 group sessions and a significant financial obligation. So I had been chewing on this for several weeks – and actually pondering it for several years now. I just learned about the Roanoke training a couple weeks ago (a city about 2+ hours away from my home).

After completing the application, I took a nap and had a fairly profound dream:

I should also mention that I have been doing more Emotional-Process-oriented-bodywork as of late, involving more Craniosacral Therapy, Polyvagal Therapy, Visceral Manipulation and Birth Process work, aka Pre- and Perinatal and Attachment Therapy. It is that last modality that seems to play the largest role in this dream.

In the dream, I am doing a PPN (birth process work) session with a client. Then, in the dream, I go into a trance state, and go back in time apparently. Because in the trance state, I walk through a corridor of a hospital and encounter my client’s mother hand-cuffed to a metal table. There is a cop, a doctor and a nurse near her. My client is about to be born. 

In the trance state, within the dream state, I start imploring with the doctor and the nurse to loosen the restraint on the mother. I am persistent in pushing to take off the hand-cuffs for the benefit of the unborn child. The cop tries to grab me but I step back and I am still diligent in trying to benefit the unborn baby client (part of me).

The trance state fades and I am back with my client in the “normal” dream. And it seems like the trance benefited her somehow – having an advocate, having someone offering protection, even from a distance helps.

Then I woke up. Pretty wild dream (for me anyhow).

Somatic Experiencing is a modality specifically for trauma resolution. It helps to identify the state of the nervous system and it provides many tools for working toward greater self-regulation and a healthier, functional social nervous system.

I am greatly looking forward to this training! Apparently so is my unconscious mind 🙂

Thank you for reading!

Be well,



Published by Kirby Moore

Kirby Moore is a healing facilitator based in the beautiful rolling hills of Charlottesville, Virginia. He does sessions in-person and long distance via Skype and Zoom, working with Spiritual Astrology, Somatic Experiencing, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and Birth Process Work. His healing work is informed by fifteen years of meditation and Qigong practice. He works with client's intentions and deepest longings to attain clear, tangible results. Contact him for more info at (email): kirby [at] mkirbymoore [dot] com

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