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Hi all,

A reader of my blog recently sent me an email wondering about aspects between Venus and Uranus, Venus and Neptune and Venus and Saturn.  What do they all mean for them?

As with most astrological questions, my first answer to this question has to be…  “It depends.”  Or “it is complicated.”
What does it depend upon?
  1. The first thing it depends on is what are the planetary strengths of each of those planets?  Venus Neptune Uranus Saturn.  There is a VERY complicated formula for determining this which my professional software figures out really quickly.  But you can get a quick estimate on the big strengths (or debilities) of the planets by looking at the following:
  2. Planetary strengths are higher for planets in their own sign of rulership or the sign they exalt in.  They are higher if they are in the 1st or 10th houses.  They gain a little strength from being in the 4th or 7th houses.
  3. These strengths are weaker (they can even go negative) if the planets are in the signs opposite their rulership or exaltation – where they Fall or Detriment.  Planets are weaker if they are in the 2nd or 6th houses.  Planets are very weak if they fall in the 8th or 12th houses respectively.
  4. See below for an example of how to use this quick Planetary Strength guide:
So the answer to this question depends on Planetary Strengths.  It depends on whether the aspects are Applying or Separating.  It depends on how close in orb the aspects are.  It depends on whether any of those planets are in Critical Degrees.  It might also depend on other aspects to those planets – what is Jupiter doing for instance?
An example of how to use the Planetary Strength guide above:
  • Venus is in Pisces where it exalts – +4 pts
  • Venus is in the 8th house though (where all planets suffer a little bit) and it loses 4 pts as a result
  • Venus is in hard aspect to Uranus and Neptune (basically malefic or neutral) so we can assume it loses another 3 pts
  • But look at that, Venus is also making a trine to Jupiter, so it gains 3 pts
  • For now, Venus is holding steady at Zero Strength (and zero debility)
  • Another planetary strength boon is called Mutual Reception: if this same Venus in Pisces is in the chart with a Neptune in Libra, then this is call mutual reception and both planets gain strength from sharing signs and sharing energy.  Plus Venus and Neptune are on similar wavelengths, so to me, this is even better Strength.
  • So then you would have to look at the complicated stuff to see if Venus gains a few small pts for rising ahead of the sun or setting after it (Occidental or Oriental) and a few other little tidbits like that

If these were all true, then Venus would not be the strongest planet in your chart.  If it fell in the 1st or 10th houses, or if it was not making many hard aspects to challenging planets, that would help pick up its strength.

But please keep in mind that Planetary Strength of planets is the not the Be All End All indicator.  There are ways of working with that 8th house energy (I kind of specialize in this area myself).  There are ways of working with the 12th house energy – if you are clear-headed, open to looking at the tough shadowy areas of our self-awareness and willing to change them.  Being of service and volunteering and practicing kindness creates good karma – which will either benefit you in this present lifetime or in the future.

Personally, in my astrology chart, I have almost half of my planets having negative Strength and yet I have learned ways to self-regulate, I have a regular spiritual practice which helps to center and ground me and I am flexible and open to my inner strengths and weaknesses.  Due to doing thousands of hours of emotional-process-oriented bodywork and somatic processing, I have strengthened my boundaries and areas that I lacked resilience.  I still have a lot of work to do too!  But it is possible to work with any astrology signature!

I hope this helps a little with planetary strength questions.  It is a complex formula however, so you might want to consult a professional astrologer to get the exact planetary strengths of your planets.

Thanks for reading!



Published by Kirby Moore

Kirby Moore is a healing facilitator based in the beautiful rolling hills of Charlottesville, Virginia. He does sessions in-person and long distance via Skype and Zoom, working with Spiritual Astrology, Somatic Experiencing, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and Birth Process Work. His healing work is informed by fifteen years of meditation and Qigong practice. He works with client's intentions and deepest longings to attain clear, tangible results. Contact him for more info at (email): kirby [at] mkirbymoore [dot] com

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