Writing an Essay for Nursing

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So I read the directions on the website and tried to prep ahead.  I am applying to nursing school and I knew I would have just 300 words to write about myself and how I might make a good nurse.  So this is what I wrote: (but when I got to the testing center, they had me pick a random topic to write about, so this essay prep was sort of in vain)


I am not your typical nursing student.  At 35, I feel a little behind my peers academically, however I have many life experiences informing my present decisions.  It took some time after graduating from UVa to decide what to do next.  I explored several options, mainly involving psychology, but I settled on nursing.  This is due to nursing having much to offer me: being able to benefit my community, being able to educate people, and having a broad scope of practice once I obtain my RN license.  Ultimately I would like to complete nurse practitioner school, but I realize there is much to learn and explore before then.

I have always been interested in the functions of the human body – nutrition, digestive processes, environmental effects and psychological functioning.  I just completed Microbiology with a high grade because that was one of the most stimulating topics I have yet to study.  It opened my eyes to the possibility of using my nursing degree to go into research.  And now that I am studying histology and actually working cadavers in A & P, my passion for this subject continues to grow.

I believe I will offer a lot to the nursing profession.  I have taken massage and Craniosacral classes, so my bedside manner is fairly refined.  I try to meditate each day so I would bring a compassionate presence and practical grounded approach.  I am looking forward to wholeheartedly learning and being challenged in nursing school.  thank you for your consideration.


So that is what I had written ahead of time.  But then I got there and drew the “tell us about your accomplishments and attributes that you believe will make you a good nurse” topic.  So I wrote about that in 300 words.  I’m hoping I did great.

Thanks for reading!


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