Series on Hatching: Light Beings in the O.R.

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As I wrote in my previous post, in 2002 I went into the hospital after having a prescient dream of having appendicitis.  If you have not read that post, I would suggest doing so.  Apparently the surgery went well, and also, with a fact I was not aware of, about 5% of people undergoing appendicitis surgery have complications (in my case, there was an arrhythmia) and in my case, they stopped my heart for a few minutes.  I was “fine” considering I was already hooked up to life support and there was no brain damage.  However, I would argue that there will always be ramifications when stopping someone’s heart (on a tangent: in the Tibetan language, the word for “mind” is sem pa and it is also a word for “heart.”  Whenever a Tibetan person talks about their mind, they are often times pointing at their heart).

It turns out there were ramifications to having my heart stopped.  I will be jumping back and forth a little here as far as a timeline goes, so hopefully you can keep track with me  🙂    Surgery – March 2002, Dreams about surgery – March 2005, Realizing the gravity of the dreams – May / June 2005

It took 3 years to begin to have dreams about what actually happened during that night of the surgery.  And in the midst of those three years, my life started to change rather remarkably for the better as I began to study Spiritual Astrology, Reiki Energetic Healing and Western Shamanism.  And of course, I should add that whenever one goes through a huge shift or transformation, there will be waves and troughs – periods where adjustment, reorientation and integration are necessary.

So first, about the dreams I had.  I had that surgery around March 1st, 2002.  Then a series of events led to my being invited to Hawai’i to take part in a dynamic week of workshops (Sacred Partnerships), swimming with the dolphins and going on whale watching boat trips.  I met some incredible people and I had several vivid dreams.  I was staying on the Big Island,  where it is said that the energies are so powerful that your intention will come true (especially if it resonates with your Higher purpose).  So they say be careful what you wish for while on that island.  I am now wondering what I wished for, because I got some vivid glimpses into another dimension.

It was nearly 3 years to the day of the surgery when I had my first dream (about it).  At first, when I had these dreams, I did not have a clue what I was seeing or why or how it affected me.  Anyway, here is an example of the dreams: I am out of my body.  I cannot see “myself” whatever form I am in, but I can feel and sense and see light beings around me.  They are golden in color and a bit nebulous.  I am very happy, blissful, feeling calm and at ease to be among these light beings.

In the second dream, the setting similar to the above details, plus I notice I am in a large hospital-type room.  There are about 6 doctors or nurses in scrubs around a table.  But I want to stay with the light beings.  Their golden warm energy / light is soothing and I don’t want to leave them.

I had a total of three dreams about this event.  And in the final dream, these light beings somehow (without opening their “mouths”) urged me back toward the operating table.  I don’t recall any words, but somehow these beings are screaming at me to go.  So I hesitantly glide back toward the doctors and the operating table.  Then I am horrified when I am close enough to see who is on the table.  The body and face on the table belong to me.  It is my face.  And then the doctors are doing something to shock “my” body around the heart area.  And then I woke up from the vivid heart-pounding dream.

So of course I was shocked and very curious about these dreams, especially after having the third one.  What was that about?  Due to the three years of time overlap, I did not immediately put two and two together and it took discussions with several friends to realize that the dreams were about my previous surgery and that I had indeed left my body.

Another factoid which I feel may be pertinent here.  When I had these dreams, in a new-age bed and breakfast on the Big Island of Hawai’i, I was staying in the “Dolphin” room.  When I first entered that room, there was a picture of dolphins on ever wall – at least four pictures.  Then I told the owners of the B & B that I was having rather remarkable and kind of terrifyingly vivid dreams.  So near the end of my stay, they informed me that the “Dolphin” room where I was staying was actually the Archangel Michael room – because underneath each of those dolphin photos was a picture of the Archangel Michael – who I happened to be named after (my first name is Michael).  So who knows, perhaps he had something to do with the timing of those dreams.  Maybe it was the magical island I was staying on, or maybe it was just time.

A part of the reason I am sharing this information now, years later, is that these light beings or guides who I observed in those dreams would actually play a role in my life later on.  And that is what future blog posts will be about.

Thank you for reading!


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