Series on Hatching: out of body, near death experience

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I am planning to post several strands on here about how some connections have been coming together as of late.  I have not shared this information publicly in the past for a number of reasons but I think it is time I ‘fessed up to some experiences I have been blessed to encounter.

Back in 2002, I was attempting to be an ordinary young man (who happened to drive an ’84 Volvo 240 DL and was concerned about his diet).  Other than my concern with what I was taking in as far as food, I was not into many (any?) alternative subjects or topics.  Actually, come to think of it, 2002 was quite the turning point in my life.  So what changed, you ask?

For starters, I was enrolled in an Eastern Thinking philosophy class at the local community college, and it was in that class where I first connected with Buddhism (through Zen, along with learning about Taoism and Confucius).  It was during that class that I had a dream one night.  I had been playing poker with friends, and dare I mention this, I had a few drinks so I opted to sleep on their couch rather than trying to drive home in a questionable state…  And it was that night that I had a dream, and that dream told me explicitly that I had “appendicitis.”  I think I am pretty blessed to have a voice tell me that, but that is a whole other story.

So I was young and not terribly educated (at that time), and I had no clue what appendicitis was.  My mother is a nurse, so I called her and asked.  She was slightly concerned but after asking me about several of the symptoms, it seemed I was relatively fine.

Well that night, for no obvious reason (I was at home), I got sick briefly and inexplicably.  Then the following day I started to notice a discomfort in my belly, down on the right side a little (another symptom of appendicitis).  Therefore I started becoming worried – I mean that was the only dream of that type I had EVER experienced!

In spite of not feeling any pain – I discovered in high school with a couple of previous surgeries that my pain threshold was / is out of this world – and I went to the Emergency Room.  Well guess what – the doctor poked and prodded my belly and he told me very definitively that if I had appendicitis, I would not be able to stand that type of palpation.  As in, “why wasn’t I screaming in horrific agony?!”  Sorry doc – you apparently have not met a past life yogi.  As far as I was concerned, that dream was all I needed to validate my situation, not to mention the throwing up for no apparent reason and there was a little discomfort.

Finally I was persistent enough that they drew blood and sent it to the lab for testing, leaving me in a thin hospital gown in the chilly E.R. patient waiting area for the two hours or so that took.  But sure enough, the doctor came back about 2 – 3 hours later and said, “Uhh…  Your white blood cell count is off the charts, we should wheel you back to the O.R. now.  [For your “previously non-existent appendicitis”]”  Thanks doc, way to validate my fear of your misunderstanding me and my awareness of my body.

I was put under anesthesia and apparently I did and said some funny things that night as I was under the influence of morphine.  It was a laproscopic surgery which meant there were three small incisions (one for the camera, one for the cutting tool and the third for where they bagged the pieces of appendix and pulled them out).  In spite of being under the influence of that opiate, I learned something bizarre that following morning.

The surgeon came in and was talking me through the surgery.  He said several normal-sounding-things and then he dropped in, “And we had to stop your heart.”  Keep in mind I was seeing rainbows and dreaming of unicorns a moment earlier, but I’m sure my head dropped a little to the side in the classic “Mrrrwhat?!” expression.  I asked him a little about this considering I knew my heart was a good ways away from the appendix area and he mentioned that I started to have an arrhythmia and they were forced to reset my heart beat.  Aha!

Well guess what?  Them stopping my heart apparently had vast psycho-spiritual implications as well – go figure.  At the time, I did not know it.  I’m assuming my green mental awareness and consciousness could not yet handle knowing that truth, so instead, I received dreams about the out-of-body, near-death experience which happened as they stopped my heart.

I was in Hawaii for a dynamic week of workshops, whale watching and dolphin swims when I started having the dreams and it was nearly three years to the date of having had the surgery (and I had studied several esoteric subjects by then).

See my next post detailing all of this.  Needless to say however that my life and lifestyle started to dramatically change during and after 2002.

Thanks for reading.


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