Looking for a “good man” or a “good woman?” Look to Saturn.

I am writing this post because I continue to see a trend.  That trend is that people (men or women) with a strong Saturn in their astrology chart often have many fine qualities.  It is almost as if the planet Saturn (among other factors) is indicative of having an abundance of positive karma.

What are some of these Saturnian traits?  (By naming these, you can decide whether or not you want someone of a Saturnian nature in your life.)

Groundedness.  Practicality.  Humility.  Down-to-earth.  Hard working.  Reliable.  Responsible.  Dedicated.  Thoughtful.  Rational.  Logical.  Ambitious.  Conscientious.  Leading-by-example.  Someone-Not-Afraid-To-Get-Their-Hands-Dirty.

Keep in mind you may not find all of these traits in the same person (discovering someone who is fiercely ambitious AND humble AND conscientious is probably going to be difficult!  However, once someone has done a lot of their personal growth work (or, if they have bunches of solid, positive karma to start with), then if they have a strong Saturn in their chart, they should acquire most of these traits.  And keep in mind we surface many different “parts of ourselves” when it is skillful to do so – finding someone who exhibits all of these traits all the time would be a little bizarre.

You could argue that Saturn by itself can be boring.  Because you do not see the keywords: “creative,” or “exciting,” or “dynamic,” or “fiery,” up there.  No you don’t, but that is the beauty of human being-ness.  You will rarely ever find someone who is ONLY a strong Saturnian and nothing else from the other planets.  For instance, if someone has a strong Saturn in addition to having Uranus in aspect to their Sun and Venus, then you would find Creativity, Magnetism, a Quick Intelligent Mind, etc in their list of qualities, ALONG with some of those Saturnian traits above.

To touch on the thought that Saturn might be a touch boring or predictable, wouldn’t you rather have someone who comes home when they say they will?  (Responsibility, Reliability, someone with a Strong Sense of Duty)  Personally I would rather be with a Saturnian than with a deceptive, mystical, creative, disembodied, (and / or) romantic Neptunian.  Sure, the Neptunian would be fun for a time…  but goodness me!  I can only stand someone who is disembodied for a short period of time.  I want to be with someone whose word means a lot – if they say they will do something, then you can take that to the bank.  Yes!  (Now if you merge the compassionate spirituality of Neptune with the grounded, step-by-step qualities of Saturn, then you have something beautiful to behold for sure!)

Keep in mind, I am painting a rather one-sided picture of Saturn.  There are some Saturnian traits which only the individual who is suffering from them can peel apart – Skepticism.  Cynicism.  Pessimism.  The-I-Will-Puncture-Your-Lofty-Dreams-Dose-Of-Reality (which can also be a great gift.)  This is why it is good that our personalities typically come with more than just a One-Planet dominated astrology chart.  For instance, having a strong Jupiter will add some healthy optimism, broad-mindedness and dreaminess.  Having a strong Sun will add charisma and fire and a natural tendency to lead (especially when combined with Saturn).  A strong Mars might add some ambition and fiery competition and a desire to move the body.

As you can see, this is not an easy one-size-fits-all kind of subject.  Astrology is a very complex topic, just as psychology is a complex subject.  Often we see many only-children being spoiled, however we can also see many only-children being grounded and practical and incredibly in touch with reality.  Likewise, Saturn comes in many shapes and sizes and in many flavors.  Our personal frequency (or karma) determines what we do with the energies of our charts.  However, the chart will always be a good benchmark or a good place to start investigating someone’s inner essence.

Good luck!

Kirby Moore offers Spiritual Astrology interpretations.  He specializes in working with individuals and with couples for Relationship Astrology, the Timing Aspects in Astrology and Natal Astrology.  You can contact him for an interpretation at (434) 465. 0603 or you can visit his website for further information: www.mkirbymoore.com


Published by Kirby Moore

Kirby Moore is a healing facilitator based in the beautiful rolling hills of Charlottesville, Virginia. He does sessions in-person and long distance via Skype and Zoom, working with Spiritual Astrology, Somatic Experiencing, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and Birth Process Work. His healing work is informed by fifteen years of meditation and Qigong practice. He works with client's intentions and deepest longings to attain clear, tangible results. Contact him for more info at (email): kirby [at] mkirbymoore [dot] com

7 thoughts on “Looking for a “good man” or a “good woman?” Look to Saturn.

  1. Saturn leaves his mark wherever he goes – “good” or challenging aspects alike. Of course, the square will require more work and more attention than the sextile. But the sextile can still lead to one feeling a sense of duty, dedication, hard work, being structured, disciplined, etc.

    If someone tells you that in spite of your having 4 or 5 significant Saturn aspects plus the quincunx, that you are not Saturnian, then they probably do not know what they are talking about. With that said, if the orbs are pretty large – 6 degrees for Sextile, 8 degrees plus for trine / square… then those aspects might be a little flakier. But I suspect some of your Saturn aspects are close.

    Maybe whoever told you that wants life to be extremely difficult before it becomes “Saturnian?” I disagree with that sentiment if so. Saturnian energy can be worked with, even if we have some serious stagnation in our lives, we can usually do something productive – even just saying, “Thank you for the opportunity to purify this negative karma (and may I not produce any more negative results)” can be a positive step.

    Let me know if you want to discuss this further (like in a Spiritual Astrology interpretation).

    Best wishes,

    1. Thanks for the clarifications. Yes, my Saturn aspects are closer than what you mentioned (Trine to Mars is exact, 5deg for the sextiles, squares at 3/6deg, quincunx at 2deg). But I don’t have planets in Capricorn and only Mars in 10th house.

      1. Many people forget to peek at Aquarius (previous Saturn rulership) and Libra (Saturn’s exaltation) to indicate strong Saturn traits. Actually – you don’t even need Saturn in either of those two signs – my Libra Moon / Pluto conjunction has a bit of a Saturnian flavor. Of course the house matters a lot. Again though, it is what you do with the energy. Also keep in mind that I am discussing Saturnian traits – not always Capricorn (there is a subtle difference).

  2. Hi Elle, I wanted to mention first, that when you practice frequency based astrology, then the aspects do not matter as much as what we do with the energy. For instance, someone who is committed to doing their healing work (and who has overall positive and problem-solving karma) can thrive (with some periods of discomfort) in the midst of some really tough Saturn aspects – like Saturn square / opposite Mars / Venus / Jupiter. While on the other hand, someone who does not have much fortitude may just wither at the first glimpse of discomfort and obstacles. The real question to ask is not “Which aspects am I looking for in a partner?” but rather, “Is my potential partner truly trying to become a better human being (overall with moderation and balance and healthy approach in the mix)?”

    1. Hi Elle! If I only mentioned the aspects (keywords) of Saturn, you’d think that person would be very boring! Fortunately most people also have some fire (Mars, Sun, Jupiter) or quirkiness (Mercury, Uranus) or poetry (Neptune) or intensity thrown in the mix as well. Will respond more shortly.

      1. I’ve Saturn sextile Sun/Mercury, trine Mars, square Jupiter/Pluto, quincunx Neptune. Some told me that’s not Saturnian… it must be full of hard aspects. Is that true?

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