Further thoughts on Destructuring

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In Julie Henderson’s Somatic I Ching, she writes:

“[Gua 23] is usually called Splitting Apart, a time when conditions as we know them are severely threatened or being destroyed.  In somatic terms, it represents de-structuring, which can be quite an unnerving, even shattering time.  In the course of coming to know what you are, there are many times when what-you-thought-you-were – all the structures of body and mind you identify with – dissolves or dies or is shattered by circumstance.  This gua is about those times.”

As I started to mention in my first post on this topic (go back and peek at it if you’d like), not everyone is ready for such an unnerving process.  Not everyone even wants to change.  Some people are content with their little neuroses and that is completely fine!  It takes time AND effort AND requires skillful mentoring to shift our inner psychology.  But for those of us who realize there is something not-quite-right internally – which could reorient or re-callibrate – and who want to change if we possibly can, then this post is for you.

And please keep in mind I am not just advocating destructuring, but also we need to take time to restructure once the destruction of old habits is finished.  Basically we can rebuild our tissues, reprogram our cellular memory and start to move and think and be with ease and more grace, more fluidity.  Now, you might be thinking that this sounds too good to be true.  And if you thought all this stuff could happen over night, then you are right!  This process is not a one month fling – “Oh you know, I think I will go out and buy the “reprogram my cells” agenda…  get this fixed by next month…”  Nope!  This is a process that requires commitment and a deep desire to see it through in spite of all of its ups and downs.  This is also not a one year process – this is more like a five to ten year plan, and that is if you have relatively positive karma.  For most of us, it could be a fifteen to twenty year process…   So again, it is not for everyone!

In my next post, I will discuss my personal process of de- and re-structuring.

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