Personal Planets in Astrology: Aspects Carried Forward

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Continuing from my previous post describing what a Personal Planet is and how fast they move compared to Outer and Transpersonal Planets (see previous post if need be), now I am going to elaborate on a phenomenon I have noticed for some time, but I rarely read about it.

I already mentioned that the Personal Planets are the fast moving planets of the Horoscope – the Sun through Mars, including the Moon.  Because these planets move rapidly, they have more of a day to day effect on life.  In the case of the Moon, there can even be an hour to hour effect on life as it moves one degree forward every two hours.  Now what happens when a Personal Planet brushes by another planet in your Natal Chart?

Let’s take the example of a conjunction: say I have Moon conjunct Mars in my 3rd House, both opposite Pluto in my 9th House.  What is one possible manifestation of this potent conjunction / opposition?  There are many potential results from the 3rd house planets – siblings, relatives, local moves and transportation, communication, etc, but let’s focus on the communication facet.  Occasionally, when people have some spicy planets in the 3rd / 9th houses, this can indicate that they have a strong need to argue their point.  If they feel they are right about something, they will automatically get behind their words and philosophy in a strong manner – they might raise their voices or get very defensive if they are told that philosophy is rubbish.  Let’s think about this type of individual (maybe they even have a Fire sign on their Ascendant, making this fiery defensive stance even more palpable).

Now what happens when one of the Personal Planets comes along and makes a conjunction to those 3rd house planets?  Let’s take the Sun for example: Sun conjunct Moon and soon thereafter it will conjunct (be next to) Mars and at the same time, oppose Pluto.  What are the odds that they will get into a heated argument during that three to five day window?  I’d say pretty good.  In fact, if we use Mercury or Mars to make that conjunction / opposition, I would also say the odds go up in regards to a strong defensive stance.  What if there is an Outer Planet making a square from the 6th house?  Say Uranus is really stirring the pot from the 6th.  If Mars or the Sun comes along and makes a conjunction to Moon / Mars and opposes Pluto, well then we have a really hot T-Square activating by Transit.  Then it would be a good idea for that person to avoid any risk-taking type activities (no reckless / daredevil behavior) and especially to avoid firearms (Uranus square Mars / Pluto – too much energy will require a healthy outlet).

Now we have set up what this individual can go through on a monthly (Moon) or annual (other Personal Planets) basis.  Then depending on where the Outer Planets are located, they might have one or two challenging years per decade (let’s keep it simple for now).  Having set this up, let’s look at what a Personal Planet’s movement across this aspect looks like.

We already discussed what Mercury or Mars crossing through the 3rd house might look like.  When Mercury is conjunct Mars and opposite Pluto, you better believe there will be some “chance” meetings with people who can stir up this individual.  Get the fur on the back of their neck rising with just a few select – and probably emotionally charged – words.  Here is where I want to introduce a relatively new concept.  As I mentioned above, I have not read this many places (although I suspect a good book on Transits might contain it).

In the above example, Mercury (on average) will only be conjunct the Moon and Mars for a few days right?  And opposite Pluto for a few days – tops.  At least in terms of the exact close orb of conjunction and opposition (I usually use 3 degrees in this case).  But what if Mercury’s next aspect will not be happening for another 15 days or another 10 degrees?  This is the new part.

I have noticed time and again that Mercury will carry the essence from its recent aspect forward with it until it comes into orb with another planet or until it changes signs.  So to discuss this further with all the Personal Planets – Mercury conjunct Mars / opposite Pluto will lead to communication along emotionally charged lines unless there is a lot of Aquarius / Capricorn / Libra / Gemini energy really restraining the individual and their possible emotionality.  And then, after Mercury moves forward, until it makes another major aspect or changes signs, the individual will be tempted to get into verbal arguments and debates (at least for a few days after the actually aspect fades).

Venus crossing this configuration – potential conflicts with loved ones, romantic partners, business partners, etc.  And this tendency toward defending one’s stance, even creating a conflict, will last for at least a few days after these aspects are beyond the 3 degree orb OR until Venus changes signs or makes another major aspect.

And we would use the same theory for the Sun and Mars.  Only the Moon is different.

The Moon moves so fast that we cannot say that the effect from these aspects will last for several days.  Here we have to substitute the word “hours” for “days.”  The Moon crosses Mars / Pluto and the person might feel extra agitated or frustrated for a few hours, and it might continue for another few hours after that – but only if the Moon has not made another major aspect and is in the same sign.

Let’s say Mars is at 15 degrees of Aries and Pluto is at 13 degrees of Libra.  When the Moon crosses these points (moving through Aries), at that particular hour, this influence will be most full – if they were to get into an actually fight over something they felt strongly about – it would probably happen with the Transiting Moon at 13, 14 or 15 degrees of Aries.  But I am suggesting that this tendency toward conflict or emotionality will last until the Moon leaves Aries (which would be another day) or until it makes another major aspect from a later degree of Aries.  For instance, if Saturn were at 24 degrees of Cancer, then the Moon would acquire a new essence for a few hours, leaving the Martian / Plutonian one behind.

Got it?  Let me know if you have any questions or if you disagree  🙂

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