Self Care 115 – Gently Treating Insomnia

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Honestly, I’m not sure any longer if I can treat my own rare bouts of “insomnia.”  At least, I believe that term is what our Western culture would call lying awake in bed for an hour or two before being able to unwind and go to bed.  I have noticed though that the more media I watch / listen to during the day, the longer it takes me to rest down into sleep.  Plus being emotionally charged tends to keep me up longer as well.

With that said however, if I were to recommend something, and you wanted to hear about it…  but first a little disclaimer: And you, as reader, must keep in mind that I am neither a doctor, nor a registered dietician, so take all of these suggestions with a grain of salt.  They are purely for educational or entertainment purposes only.  Do not change your lifestyle without consulting a licensed medical practitioner.

Homeopathic medicine can work, in fact, if I were needing to be dependent on anything for a long period of time, it would have to be homeopathic remedies, essential oils or flower essences.  No use damaging our liver or kidneys with heavy over the counter / prescription sleep meds when there is little need to do so.

Honestly though, I wonder if changing our lifestyle or late evening habits would be best overall.  Adding exercise seems to be the prescription to many of life’s ailments.  Some cycling, walking, hiking or swimming would at least help to process our “stuff” through the body and not to mention cause the body to become more tired.

For me, what has worked off and on in the past, is one of several things.  Valerian or kava kava or other herbal sleep remedies (the Tazo tea “Calm” does it for me too) are good.  Although if you are really sensitive, Valerian might make you wake up feeling a little woozy, especially if you need to wake up in less than 8 hours.  Taking some rescue remedy (flower essence) is a good way to cut any edge you might be feeling.  And definitely take rescue remedy for emotional shocks as well as physical ones, as it helps the body relax a little bit more.  Not sure though about rescue remedy for sleeping.

Taking a small amount of magnesium powder, which claims to also balance calcium intake helps me if I am feeling both depleted and a-buzz with nervous energy.  I would say that at this time, this is the most helpful of all.  I warm up water and then pour in some Mag. powder, which fizzes and spits for a second, letting me know that the magnesium citrate is being created.  Then I slowly drink it down.  It is nice now, as my body lets me know when it has had enough.  I get a strong distaste for it once I have had enough, so I occasionally need to dump out what is left.

Coffea cruda (homeopathic) supposedly helps to eliminate caffeine from the system and also can help us to unwind.  I’m not so sure anymore.  If I am alert and awake, the slight softening it provides no longer does what it used to.

So I guess what I am trying to get across is be gentle and try natural remedies first before going for who-knows-exactly-how-they-will-affect-your-body prescription drugs for sleep.  Yes they do many studies before the FDA gives it the green light, but we are all unique individuals.  If you have not gone through the study, do you think the scientists and doctors will know exactly how their drugs will affect you?  I’m just asking, I’m not saying anything one way or another.

Maybe it is a good idea first to try unwinding earlier in the evening – having some calming tea, turning off the TV, staying away from media late in the evening, etc.  And adding exercise or sport would probably help us fall asleep faster.  And if none of the above work, then perhaps it would be good to try one of two things: an authentic spiritual path (I find doing the Refuge practice from Tibetan Buddhist Ngondro to both help me sleep and it improves my dream-awareness) and / or receive massage or other forms of bodywork, where your body will actually be able to process some of things on your mind.

And remember, trust your intuition, trust your sensations.  Do not take my word for anything.  Consult your doctor or other licensed health care provider and get on with it.

Thanks for reading.

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