Astrological View of a Stressed Endocrine System

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Just for the record, what I am about to discuss can be a very complicated subject. I assume the reader has some knowledge of astrology, but please keep in mind that each idea posed here could be expounded on further.

Recently, I recalled reading somewhere, I believe it was in an astrology book, about a very creative friend of the author who said, as the friend was lounging for hours on his couch, “You know, I have burned out every synapse, stressed every sinew and exhausted all my reserves. I am pooped beyond description and all I can do, in response, is to lie here on this couch.” The author apparently had a different opinion, but the exhausted-couch-guy eventually (I think it was six weeks) got out of his cycle of needing rest and got on with what was to be a productive life.

And now I know how that guy was feeling. I wrote at least six months ago, something along these lines, but as I told a friend of mine earlier today, “my baseline, on an anxiety scale from one to ten, is an eight.” That is my resting baseline. Imagine what happens if I skip a meal, or have a stressful encounter with someone (or get sucked into someone’s drama at work). So now, more than ever, my kidneys and adrenals need to rest.

Now, how can I tell this is the case from my Natal Chart? Where do we start to look to see how the kidneys are doing? Oh, and I want to mention for the record that I am talking about subtle energy here. Yes, the physical kidney might be stressed, but it is still functioning well – purifying the blood, removing toxins, supporting the heart and liver, etc. So it is the subtle energy in / around the kidneys that can get stressed or challenged.

To get a glimpse at how the kidneys and adrenal system are doing from astrology, we look in several parts of the zodiac and the chart. First, any competent astrologer would tell you that the sign of Libra rules the kidneys (Libra is balance, harmony and purification through relationships – just as the kidneys purify the body of toxins and excess minerals, etc). I happen to agree with this conclusion. But there is more. Whenever we mention one sign, we must always think of its opposite – the reciprocal sign of Libra, is Aries.

Libra rules the kidneys and the lumbar back region around them. While Aries rules the head – specifically the forehead, the crown, the upper cortices and other brain structures. How, if at all, are these related? Well, when our kidney subtle energy (jing in Chinese medicine) is stressed and depleted, we tend to get headaches. Just as we can get headaches if we get dehydrated, which also affects the kidneys, we see that these signs have some connection – which all reciprocal (opposite) signs do.

But what else may indicate a stressed endocrine system? Well what planets rule the adrenal glands? What planet(s) rule the nervous system? What aspects can indicate a proclivity toward a stressed sympathetic nervous system response?

First, Saturn and Mars rule different parts of the adrenal glands respectively. The adrenals sit on top (ad-) of the kidneys (renal system). So any challenging aspects between Saturn and Mars can indicate a pattern of a stressed endocrine system (specifically referring to the adrenals). What else? Well Mercury and Uranus rule the central nervous system respectively. And then, any planet that tenants Libra or Aries may indicate or reflect a sensitive renal or adrenal system.

We could look at houses, other planets and other aspects, but for the sake of brevity, let’s stop here. So we have Libra ruling the kidneys, Aries possibly having a reciprocal effect on them, Mars and Saturn have direct rulership of the adrenal glands, Uranus and Mercury rule the central nervous system (and our mental dexterity and responses) and finally any other planet in Libra and Aries might have an effect on the renal system as well.

So what are some aspects to look at to see if / when these innate proclivities will be triggered? In other words, are there certain transits or progressions which indicate a time of sensitized kidneys? I say, “Yes!”

In terms of transits, we look at the slower moving planets first, as they stay on or near a certain degree (and therefore near a planet) for much longer. For instance, Pluto moves an average of about two degrees per year. That means it will “sit” on or near a planet for up to three years. Neptune is also a slow mover, then Uranus will usually only effect an aspect for about a year or so. Saturn and Jupiter move faster, but due to Saturn’s retrograde motion of approximately 20 degrees forward and then 8 degrees back, it tends to contact planets and aspects them for up to a year off and on.

Then, regarding progressions (secondary), we look at the inner planets, because when we do the secondary progressions, we are basically taking a day past our birthday for every year we are alive. In other words, to see what our progressed chart will look like when we are twenty years old, we simply look at twenty days past our day of birth (using the same birth time). Therefore, only the inner planets make any significant movement in a lifetime in a progressed chart. So we are most interested, with regard to progressions, in the Progressed Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars, plus the Progressed Angles – the Ascendant and Progressed Midheaven – play very critical roles in what is “up” for us at any given time.

I will go further on this subject in my next post. Same title, part 2.

*** Kirby Moore is not a licensed medical professional. He does not claim to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any disease. All information posted here is for educational or entertainment purposes only. If you suspect that you have a medical condition, please consult a licensed practitioner.


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