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Dr. Veltheim is the founder and creator of BodyTalk, I am merely a humble practitioner of five of his potent techniques.  Visit here for more information: <;

I am writing this post due to the growing number of fascinating and cathartic experiences my clients describe while receiving this potent, supplemental modality.  I say supplemental because I have merely gone through the first level of this extensive and comprehensive body of work, therefore in my practice, it has to be supplemental.  Although there are a few clients who might be content to receive BodyTalk techniques for an entire session.

What is BodyTalk?  see the above link for their description of the modality.

How does a practitioner apply BodyTalk to a session?  Personally, I tend to intuit when one or more of the BodyTalk techniques will come in handy.  In general, I find that when someone is very sensitive to energy work, they are more receptive and feel the resulting shifts from BodyTalk.  Other people might be less sensitive and they are more receptive to mechanical forms of Cranio Sacral therapy for instance, as opposed to really getting a lot out of these techniques.

In BodyTalk Access, the workshop I was trained in, there are 5 techniques taught: Cortices, Switching, Hydration, Body Chemistry and Reciprocals.  These are some of the foundational BodyTalk techniques and they come up fairly often, even when the practitioner has the full BodyTalk training (and many many additional tools from the BodyTalk repertoire).  Cortices works to balance the hemispheres and individual, specific cortices of the brain.  This is a beneficial technique for calming someone after a traumatic event, or for calming the body if there has been an injury (I used it when I sprained my ankle with very positive results).  Switching helps to calm the kidneys and the adrenal glands – if we are Mercurial types, this is a great technique to sooth the system and relax immediate worries.  Hydration helps the body receive and integrate water.  I also suspect there are deeper psycho-spiritual ramifications to this technique (like the deep moisture of authentic compassion and loving-kindness).  Body Chemistry is a potent technique which helps to aid the body in identifying and removing toxins, allergens and anything poisonous to the body – I have had some detoxifying experiences using it with clients – see below.  Finally, last but certainly not least, Reciprocals are an incredibly potent technique which basically puts the body’s connective tissue back into alignment.  Reciprocals takes the longest out of all five techniques as it is very comprehensive – connecting the limbs to the torso, the head to the shoulders and torso and urging the pelvis, spine and base of the skull to come into alignment.  There are many benefits to this practice, some of which I mention below.

What are some of the experiences clients have described?  Someone who is very sensitive to energy-work usually has significant shifts from BodyTalk techniques.  One client in particular responds with rapid calming and settling to reciprocals, cortices and body chemistry.  It is almost as if she is, by far, an energetic being having a human experience, and this work provides a direct link to her energetic body.

Another client wanted to receive all five tools in a session, which I was happy to provide.  She was interested in the potential healing shifts, along with being introduced to the work.  However, she called me the next morning and said, “Kirby!  What did you do yesterday??!!”  I was surprised by this direct question, and asked her what she was talking about, so she asked about the session.  I told her I had only done what we were trained to do in the Access workshop.  She then said, “I am excited because this morning was the first time in twenty years that I woke up without pain!”  Wow!  That is exciting – I had not realized it, but she said her jaw really bothered her but that morning and for another three weeks, it was pain free.  She went on to take at least three levels of BodyTalk and she is still studying it.  That was two years ago…   :^)

Finally, when I was doing the actual BodyTalk Access workshop, my partner and I, who is a friend, were doing Body Chemistry with each other.  He is also a sensitive fellow, someone who can see the aura and observe shifts in his client’s energetic body.  As I did Body Chemistry with him, I started to notice that he was perspiring more than usual.  Soon thereafter, a pungent odor arose, which I had smelled before, and one that I associate with someone detoxifying.  I asked him about both of these things, and he made a curious excuse about needing to eat lunch.  Personally I am certain that he was detoxing and that Body Chemistry was a major reason for his doing so.  Talk about a direct experience!  His perspiration and detoxing occurred within 5 minutes of doing BodyChemistry.

Revised 4/27/21 – About this last (Body Chemistry) experience, my friend mentioned later that he had a vice and that was eating fast food. Like he would stop at Burger King once or twice a week at least. And I believe that was why he started to detox so fast. Although Body Chemistry seemed to bring it out! Wow that was fast – less than 5 minutes.

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