Biodynamic Cranio Sacral Therapy

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The Kind Root Lama, Vajradhara (Dharmakaya)
The Kind Root Lama, Vajradhara (Dharmakaya)

To explain Biodynamic Cranio Sacral Therapy in brief, it is a healing facilitation modality that works with the central nervous system, the cerebral spinal fluid and the structures of the head (cranium), spine and pelvis (sacrum).  There is very light, gentle touch applied with the practitioner primarily holding space and make very slight palpation if appropriate in order for the client’s body to shift toward self healing and reorganization.  There are specific holds and techniques for specific presenting symptoms.

Cranio Sacral work is very beneficial for headaches, spinal problems, pelvis and sciatica issues, stress, nervous tension and insomnia.  And due to the soothing effects on the central nervous system, there are many diseases and problems that can be benefited by this profound modality.  Clients range from people who have experienced significant trauma or serious accidents, to ordinary, healthy people who are moving toward wholesome embodiment.

To be honest, it would take many words to fully develop and explain Biodynamic work, so here are other references: Franklin Sills (the founder of Biodynamic CST), William Sutherland (osteopath who started it all), Roger Gilchrist (one of my instructors), Michael Shea (a biodynamic practitioner of another lineage).  Just make certain you look up Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy.

I have been studying and practicing Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy since 2005.  I see clients in my private practice and maintain connection to the material in a study group.

silly fun fun (egg yolk on plate)
silly fun fun (egg yolk on plate)

I have been fortunate to be apart of a number of incredible training groups.  My initial training was with Janet Evergreen of Charlottesville – she led groups of Craniosacral work, Zapchen Somatics and meditation / peace-building fusion workshops.  It was very dynamic, inspiring and provocative.  In September I was a member of a week long training with Roger Gilchrist in Maryland.  He leads larger groups (than I was used to) of about 20 students and he has several well-trained assistants who hold space and help to create an incredible container for learning the material and dropping into a comfortable listening space.

All totaled, I have been apart of 250 direct hours of time-with-teacher Craniosacral classes and then another 500 hours of practice for the classes on top of that.  Plus I have been seeing clients professionally since 2007.

many references between C.S.T. and opening like a flower
many references between C.S.T. and opening like a flower

May all sentient beings know happiness and the causes of happiness!


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