keeping a commitment – regarding Barbie auction

For all of you who read my blog on a regular basis, I apologize for the commercial nature of this post.  The Ladakh pilgrimage chronicles will resume soon.

a vintage Barbie booklet
a vintage Barbie booklet

I have been receiving great advice from several people from the ebay community and from online auction owners in general.  I am deeply appreciative.  I almost sold the doll and all the accessories when a guy offered me thirteen hundred for it.  Luckily I asked around and I was promptly told – “No!  Don’t give away your doll!”  So, only one guy seemed to be trying to rip me off where at least five people have been speaking with integrity – Hooray!

Tea anyone?  (sorry it is for Barbie and her friends)
Tea anyone? (sorry it is for Barbie and her friends)

I am amazed at the level of detail of the Barbie accessories!  There is a rotary phone where the dial actually rotates, which is the size of a small pinky fingernail.  This tea set – everything pictured – fits into a small jewelry box.  And the level of detail on the clothes, bags (purses) and hats is incredible.  Someone went through a lot to design and produce them.

For anyone who is not aware, I am selling this Barbie on ebay, and remarkably, it represents hours and hours of time spent researching and chatting with people about the doll.  Although it might not look like it!  Here is the link for anyone interested:

There is a past post about my early experience with the Barbie – go back or scroll down a few posts and you will see it.

check out the attention to detail (nails)
check out the attention to detail (nails)

Having spent some time with the doll, it is quite bizarre, but I have developed a curious relationship with her (psychotherapists out there might have an eerie glimpse into my psyche with these comments!).  It is not much, but I will definitely miss having her around when she sells.  I realized this when I was looking through all the pictures I have taken (for sales purposes).  Here is the thing, Ebay says that it helps the sale to tell a story about the item.  So I started to do that, tell an imaginary story about the doll strolling around the Circle Center, an office focusing on healing facilitation, and looking at the various artwork and crystals.  I was going to end the story by saying that the Barbie thought that the circle center should be called the Crystal Center due to all the random amethyst and quartz lying around.  But alas, I ran out of time (and energy).

So, for all of you who know me, please do not worry.  I have not started playing with Barbie dolls (much), but I am honest and open to what is.  No more running from my shadow.  Oh, and I want to include one thing.  A friend of mine looked at the auction this morning and said, “Wow Kirby, you can actually read her butt!”  Yep, taking numerous, detailed pictures of the doll is necessary for the auction.  On that note, have a great day!

[As a revision in Oct of 2009 – I have since sold the doll.  Thank you all for reading and supporting the process.  Amazingly the doll (and accessories) sold for $5500.]

This phone is smaller than a book of matches!
This phone is smaller than a book of matches!

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4 thoughts on “keeping a commitment – regarding Barbie auction

  1. HI, I am not a follower of your blog, but found it thru your Barbie auction. I am as a collector of this callibre of doll very greatful for the photos, detailed description and in my opinion very fair opening bid. Thank you for being so considerate.
    I must say that as a collector of dolls for over 25 years, you may understand my theory that dolls and humans do have some sort of attachment as you have experienced with this doll… and a little bit of the familiarity and pleasure you have received from having this doll around… will remain with this doll forever.
    Anyway! thanks again for the effort and trouble you have taken to accurately list this doll.

    1. Hi Paul,
      Thanks for your comment. I appreciate your experienced opinion on the subject.
      Best wishes,

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