the Zendo in white, Khenpo in C’ville, spring break, cactus blossoms

Outside Zendo, a little hut under cover
Outside Zendo, a little hut under cover

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Today we got our first major (few inches) snow of the season and of course I had to take pictures of the Zendo under its cozy white blanket of frosty powder.  I have several fun pictures of it.

I had members of the Zen Sangha over recently, or I should say, up, to a potluck.  It was good to get to know them better and connect with other Buddhists in C’ville.  I think I will host one of these per month, in my home above the Zendo.

Oh- and I am turning 30 soon!  Wow – it kind of boggles my mind to hear this.  However, I have gone through my Saturn return quite well – all the little bits and pieces that were in need of maturing are coming together nicely.  <revised 2/2/10 – I still have a ton to work on!>  <Yet another revision 3/29/21 – still working on layers of maturation and growth. Just more subtlety and clarity about my needs.> My current plans, which are always subject to impermanence and change, are to do some hiking this summer, continue to see clients and students, maintain my practice and then graduate in December of 2009.  I intend to do a neat Zapchen Where is the Zendo?

retreat in one year – I need to get more clients and save up some $$.

Also, Khenpo Tsultrim Tenzin recently came to Charlottesville and taught on several topics – including Nagarjuna’s Letter to a Friend, Khenchen Rinpoche, Konchog Gyaltsen’s new text on Prohibitions and Permissions, and a brief Guru Yoga.  Terry Barrett helped to translate and we are ever so grateful for both of their presence and hard work.  They accomplished much in the way of translations – they have been aspiring to complete multiple projects and they did so!  Hooray!

Khenpo teaching in Ch'ville (at Tara's Den)
Khenpo teaching in Ch’ville (at Tara’s Den)

I am currently on spring break, so maybe I can write a few posts this week.  I am doing a little bit of work, a bit of relaxation, and I am enjoying reading about Tibetan Medicine in my spare time.  I recently started teaching a class on kindness to self – tools for relaxing, refreshing and practicing quality self-care.  It is exciting.  In about a month, I plan to teach more astrology as I am encountering many people who have interest.

I am having fun in my Drama (intro to acting) and Environmental Science (Virginia’s environments) classes.  It is great to move energy for a change at UVa – previously I have been entirely too cerebral with academic work.  It is a pleasant shift.  As for Envi Sci, it is very fascinating to learn about the large scale impermanence of the planet – they speak of rivers moving, shifting, transforming and pirating other streams.  The tectonic plates and mountains come and go.  Whoa – impermanence is everywhere!  How can we keep ourselves so distracted from it?

Finally, my Christmas cactus bloomed like you would not believe in January!  It was gorgeous, so much so, I think I took 20 or 30 pictures of it.  Hopefully this picture does it justice.

My heavenly Christmas cactus
My heavenly Christmas cactus

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