Nassim Haramein: A Physicist Comedian? A genius…

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Last night, I attended the presentation by Nassim Haramein, a physicist currently causing quite a stir among a number of intellectual communities – science / physics, new age, pseudo-science and others.  I felt his “show” was well planned, entertaining, straight-forward in concepts and evidence and overall I believe he might be on to something.  However, I did have several reservations and, importantly, I am not a physicist.  If one considers psychology to be a science, then I can say I am a budding scientist and analyze his presentation with that empirical eye.

Can consciousness take a mightly leap, rapidly?
Can consciousness take a mightly leap, rapidly?

you can check out his site at

In regards to his formulas and scientific evidence, I thought he presented a good case.  He was funny and he mentioned some big names in the scientific field.  He also promoted his desire to keep the science tangible and practical, as opposed to going into more abstract, quantum theories.  However, when he started discussing spontaneous shifts in consciousness and “leaps”, I got suspicious pretty quickly.  As a practicing Buddhist, I believe that suffering or dukkha (dissatisfaction) will always exist until we gain a clear realization of the mind’s true nature, and to say that the world will simply shift to a higher consciousness without discussing the personal growth work which that requires, is something I have yet to experience or see, although I might not rule it out completely.  Also, when he mentioned the possibility of infinite, easy energy and then went on further to say that shifting to a frequency which might allow light travel, I had strong reservations.  I have studied a little bit of Nikola Tesla’s work and when Tesla wanted to provide free, easy power to parts of the US, J.P. Morgan said “where do we put the meter?”  In other words, the aristocratic (dog eat dog) elements of consciousness and the world will have to be faced and overcome before this world will have a Pangaea-ic ideal as the status quo.

Overall, I look forward to following his work and I hope that we humans can open our hearts and minds to the possibilities he mentions.  I was happy to have attended his presentation.  However, until I encounter evidence on the contrary, I am going to continue my Buddhist practice – gradual, bit-by-bit, slow and continual growth toward lasting happiness.


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