Torma making class

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I recently attended parts of an Amitayus long life retreat at Drong Ngur Jangchubling in Wesley Chapel, Florida.  Drupon Thinley Nyingpo gave the empowerment and then led the six days plus of practice.  It was very potent and clarifying for me, as I would drop in for one or two sessions each day and then rest and integrate.

Drupon la gave a short demonstration of how to make Kator – the offering torma for Amitayus (and other practices).  This is the torma that is left on the shrine until one accomplishes their intended accumulations (usually 100 K).  The smaller ong chu (sp?) bloom looking tormas are offered to the main torma during each meditation session.

Drupon Thinley Nyingpo mentioned that one can use barley flour, roast barley flour (tsampa in Tibetan), oat flour – just not wheat flour.  There is a special type of Malaysian butter which melts at higher temperature.  If one can get a hold of this butter it makes shaping the butter parts easier.  Regular butter works also but you will need to fill a bowl with ice cold water and shape the butter under the water (so it does not melt all over your hands).

One thing not mentioned in the videos – Drupon la said that one should always add the six types of medicinal herbs to a torma mix – just a pinch is fine.  The ingredients of the six medicinal herbs are as follows:



green cardamon powder

black cardamon powder


and the final ingredient is very difficult to obtain (may omit if unable to acquire it), it is a white clay substance from the waters around Mt. Kailash region of Tibetan called Chugang (sp?)

See the comment below by Cameron for further info on these 6 medicinal herbs.

Good luck with your torma making!


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2 thoughts on “Torma making class

  1. Hi Kirby,

    It was good to meet you at the retreat. Thanks so much for posting these videos; they’re real helpful. I did a little research on the ingredients and understand them a bit better now. The two cardamoms are completely different herbs.

    The Six Nobles (medicines) are called zang po druk (བཟང་པོ་དྲུག་) and are:

    1. ཅུ་གང་ chu gang: clay substance from the water at Kailash (also sometimes bamboo pith)

    2. གུར་གུམ་ gur gum: saffron (or safflower, read that they’re interchangeable in Tibetan medicine)

    3. ལི་ཤི་ li shi: clove

    4. སུག་སྨེལ་ sug mel: green cardamom (little cardamom)

    5. ཛ་ཏི་ dza ti: nutmeg

    6. ཀ་ཀོ་ལ་ ka ko la: black cardamom (big cardamom)


    1. Wow Thank you Cameron! These are fantastic – I will change the post to reflect this info. Best wishes and hope to connect with you soon,


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