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Composite of an Outer Planet

Composite of an Outer Planet

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At the risk of sounding less than humble and possibly even brash and bold, I am writing this post.  What is it that makes a good astrologer?  I have been doing a number of charts recently, now that I am on hiatus from school, and I derive real pleasure from (seemingly) being of benefit to others, answering questions and articulating abstractions which clients are just beginning to become aware of, and in seeing how much I have grown over the past couple of years.  So, just to be safe, as Mercury is retrograde, and Uranus is crossing my Natal Sun (basically re-wiring my circuitry), forgive me wisdom beings if I am being arrogant.

Here are some of the ingredients that go into my blend of Spiritual Astrology: toss in a thorough astrological background, excellent teachers and years spent pouring over many dozens of books in Western Astrology; then blend a dedicated, semi-consistent Tibetan Buddhist practice; throw in heaps of bodywork classes and experience giving and receiving hundreds of sessions; dash in several peace-building modalities and workshops; ideally, you want to season with plenty of time spent playing and resting down and finding alignment through simple somatic exercises and being in nature; and of course, most importantly, attend and allow Tibetan Lamas to touch your heart, to show you how to let go just a little bit more and how to rest in equanimity.  This might seem like a tall order…

And it is.  I am not saying I hold all of this together all the time – because I do not!  Ha Ha!  That’ll be the day.  However, I have had incredible teachers and mentors and I am not afraid to tackle psycho-spiritual challenges – both within and without.  And did I mention I still have much work to do!

What do I recommend?  Well, first, get a session with me, Kirby Moore, Spiritual Astrologer, but, as one of the great philosophers says, (Nietzsche), “only a fool is ruled by [their] stars.”  What this means is, live your life!  Enjoy, play, romp, dance, sing, meditate, eat delicious food, spend time with your family (if appropriate*), work a little and laugh!  Do not look at your chart daily, or even weekly (monthly is okay).  Be aware of your mental state when you read your horoscope – notice any stories which you may be repeating to yourself about how your situation is doomed.  Be aware that some things will always be better.  Take a deep breath.

I recommend receiving an astrology interpretation once or twice a year, not more.  Do not look at your chart on-line more than once a month.  Instead, breathe deeply, mindfully, fully.  Spend time with that friend who you just can’t seem to find the time to fit into your schedule!  Quiet your mind, in whatever manner is best for you and allow the Universe to fill your chest, your lungs, your heart.  Take the time to determine what it is your heart is yearning for, and then go for it!  (Appropriately of course, and gradually if needed.)

Oh – and of course I would recommend going through a self care workshop, which I just happen to lead.  Learn how to take care of yourself and be kind.  I currently lead workshops in Charlottesville, Virginia, but if you would like to get a group going in your neck of the woods, feel free to ask me about this.  It is my intention to practice right livelihood, right speech and to be in right relationship.  Sincerely, with peace.

* Unfortunately, tragically, and on the rare occasion that, if your family causes you harm, consistently, then think twice about spending time with them.  With this exception pending, perhaps it is best to branch out and embrace a new community.  As always, I would recommend speaking with someone you trust and consider to be wise about this issue.

Thanks for reading!


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Guru Rinpoche - Ladakh, India

Guru Rinpoche – Ladakh, India

This material is copyrighted by M. Kirby Moore.  Reproduction without permission is prohibited.  You can visit Kirby’s website at to purchase Astrology interpretations and bodywork sessions.  This will support Kirby’s blogging and Dharma activities.  Thank you!

News Flash: Kirby is molting, a bit early perhaps

I have been receiving more bodywork recently than I have had the privilege in previous times.  Included within this caring touch is massage, and the woman who does my massages recently commented that we were “discovering secret treasures.”  She said this in response to finding muscles on my body that were extremely tight – almost to the point of unbearable pain when palpated.

I have been lying around quite a bit recently – I do not mean this with any negative connotation – napping and integrating are extremely important.  I have come to the conclusion that merely going to class full time at the University of Virginia is something to be proud of.  At the same time, I have been a little less than kind, beating myself up for spending so much down time, doing less meditation practice than usual and not quite studying everything I feel is necessary to maintain those aforementioned classes.  It is okay – no longer any reason to beat myself up!  Good job Kirby, well done.

I do a practice called Zapchen – created by Julie Henderson, PhD. – see the website for more info.  This is a lovely, relaxing series of exercises for lightening the mood, pulsing restrictions in the body, coaxing openness in a stabilized manner, resting in alignment and coming down out of the head and into the body.  Julie also does work with the I-Ching and she interpreted her version of this beneficial book.  It was with the help of this resource that I recently made a discovery of my own – all the down time, napping, lying in the Sun and resting on my amethyst bio-mat has been because I am in the process of molting.  “Help I’m molting!”

Actually, in all seriousness, I am looking forward to observing what my new skin will look like, at some point.  And on a different subject, of Astrology…

Currently, there is some static in the astrological sky – Uranus and Saturn are opposing, causing quite a bit of confusion and injuries of connective tissue to name a couple of issues, Mercury just came out of Retrograde, so we are recalibrating our brains and communication skills, Venus is slowing down to go into Retrograde, which could mean our likes and dislikes and our needs in relationships are shifting.  All of this plus the Sun, Mercury, Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter are all in Aquarius and Pluto is just starting to get used to being in Capricorn.  Whoa!  I need to lighten up with myself – just do what I can and let go, just continue to practice kindness and compassion to self, nurturing the inner shifts and insights.

May all be happy and free of suffering!  Om Mani Padme Hung Hri

3/26/10 – an update.  I was going to do an entire separate post about this, still might.  But guess what?  I am still molting.  Funny thing these vast, foundational transformations.  Birth trauma is being unwound, my limiting beliefs are coming up to be re-evaluated, old, tight wounds are being pulsed and stroked; I am moving toward awakeness at a snail’s pace.  Hooray!

There are not that many books on deep transformations of body, mind and heart. However, for books that I recommend on this subject and more, including books on Tibetan Buddhism, visit or click on the link to the right —–> to support my blogging and Dharma activities. Thanks for reading!

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